: Lighter/ power port

07-22-11, 11:56 AM
For Some reason my cigarette lighter will not work. I have checked fuses and found nothing. Its very inconvient having to plug the cell into the power port on th back of the center console. Unless I hold it, it ends up on the floor behind me. (coiled charger cord) It seems that a 70k vehicle would have multiple ports or at least one in the front. Has anyone else had the issue of the lighter not working?

07-22-11, 12:18 PM
Have you checked all of the fuses? All 4 of my outlets were toast and I think there are 3 fuses to cover all of them. The one in the ashtray had soda spilled in it or something because I couldn't get a good connection. I took it out of the car and flushed it with water and dried it really well. It's working great now.

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07-22-11, 12:41 PM
Pop your cup holder up and make sure it's plugged in. Or make sure the wires didn't come out of the connector. If you had your cup holder out recently it's a good possibly it was not plugged back in. Just pull up on the cep holder its held in by clips and don't worry they won't break. The fuse for the power outlet is number 53 under the hood I know because my kid put a dime in my outlet and when I plugged in my phone charger it blew the fuse so check number 53.
Hope it works let me know, is it still under warranty?

07-22-11, 12:48 PM
Thanks for the replies! Now its only under powertrain waranty. Im gonna replace the fuse just to be sure and Im gonna check the wiring. I have never had it out , but you never know. Thanks again!