: How do i replace the turn signal relay or whatever its called

07-22-11, 02:13 AM
2001 sts seville. When you turn the Right blinker on, the front and back turn signal light comes on but does flash off and on . No clicking sound and the dash signal is not flashing. When I try to turn it off it wont until you click it all the way to the Left blinker. My emergency 4way lights all work I was told to replace the relay I can hear all the clicking noise dead center of the dash where my Hazard light button is located, Dose anyone know how to change it out or how to gain access into the dash to replace it .......... Ive tried and I need help

07-22-11, 02:16 AM
Forgot to mention that the left side blinkers work fine and there is a clicking noise coming from the Relay that is located in middle of the dash but there isnt no clicking noise when turning right ... the lights just stay on

07-22-11, 09:54 AM
You have posted in the 2005+ STS forum. You'll probably receive better assistance if you ask this of folks in the Eldorado/Seville forum.