: Removing Bose System - 99 STS

07-21-11, 02:14 PM
One by one, my speakers have started to fail (including the amp). I already plan on installing a Pioneer double DIN touchscreen with the GMOS-06.
But my question is: Can I just remove all the Bose speakers and the amplifier, then install new speakers, amp, and wiring? Or is there more involved?
I know aftermarket installs can be nightmares, but I can't justify spending over $600 on speakers that will likely fail in less than a year. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

07-21-11, 02:50 PM
I had my Bose ripped out by a shop, don't know exactly how they did it but I know new wiring was ran throughout the car. (I'd ask but Ultimate Electronics went out of business this year) Looked like they tapped into the module behind the seat as that is where the wires ran to from the speakers. A module was also installed to keep the chimes in the car working and they asked if I wanted to do the same for the steering wheel controls but I declined as the new HU came with a remote.

I replaced the Bose with Infinity Kappa component speakers all the way around, never got around to installing a 4ch amp for those though, the 50w/channel HU was good enough. I then installed a 12" JL W6 in the trunk with a 900w RMS Orion mono amp. The system sounded 10x better than that paper Bose crap, but I did spend about $400 on installation just for the HU, another $200 for all the speakers. I did the subwoofer myself.

08-05-11, 04:08 AM
in this case save yourself some money. pull your HU out run a rca to your four channel amp and from your trunk where your amp is urn the new wires to to your factory speaker locations i did it and notice no problems. i still have my factory wiring there in the factory locations i just taped them and tucked them under. as for the sub it pretty simple message it you need further help