: nav unit

07-20-11, 08:34 PM
could someone please explain what it means by replacing the nav unit, what does it entail?

07-20-11, 09:00 PM
Uninstalling the Nav hard drive module, and re-installing a new Nav hard drive module. Reflashing the vehicle's ECM to correspond to the new Nav hard drive module.

I do not know what all else is surrounded or accompanied by this change out.

07-21-11, 08:14 PM
Had mine replaced yesterday dealer kept srx over night. One day job. I know you will get a new radio i.d. Number for xm. Looks like the same radio face think the nav unit is seperate some were under the console. Called the new radio(rebuilt) i.d. Number in to xm. Nav unit was previously in a buick. Called them 6 times to have signal hooked up. Works fine till i turn off car. Then signal disconnects. The nav works fine just can't kept the xm signal. Any body else have this problem?