: Ebony Accent Interior

07-19-11, 10:03 PM
I will be purchasing a 2012 SRX Preformance collection in August. I am considering the crystal red tintcoat exterior with shale and ebony accents interior. Does anyone have the shale with ebony accents, if so does the ebony dash hold the heat. I live in South Louisiana with plenty heat and humidity. Any comments will be appreciated.

Smokin' SRX
07-19-11, 10:20 PM
Congrats! YES, I have ebony dash with shale, and it is hot!! All the SRX dashes are largely black (ebony) with the trim color complimenting it. So get what you like. (unless the color proportions are different in 2012)
There was just a thread here on a windshield, interior, Sun Shades, that many of our members use (and need!) If you cannot avoid parking in the sun, get one.

Let us know when you get the wheels! Best wishes.


07-19-11, 10:43 PM
I have the Chrystal Red Tintcoat exterior with the Shale/Brownstone interior. My dash is Brownstone, which is just a shade lighter than Ebony. Black is pretty much the standard color for dashes in most vehicles, so I wouldn't worry about it holding any more heat than the average car. When it comes to holding heat, your primary concern should be the color of the seats. Shale is a very light color and therefore effectively reflects sunlight/heat. I owned one car in my life with black seats, a black dash and black carpeting. It was like entering a sauna. I swore I would never go that route again. Personally, I think the Shale/Brownstone compliments the Chrystal Red more so than the Ebony, but to each his own. Have you seen both color combinations in person? I would suggest you check out both in person before you decide. Sometimes photos just don't do it justice.


07-20-11, 07:23 AM
For cool go with the shale/brownstone, and even the light/dark titnumn might be a little cooler, although you don't see this interior on very many of the SRX's. My HHR is ebony and I hate it, like Sube says it just sucks up the heat and holds it. Mt new Avalanche is light/dark titaniumn, and I love it, it is about as cool as the shale/ brownstone. Seems like about 80 per4cent of the vehicles now days come with black interior.

07-20-11, 09:52 PM
I regularly visit family in the Thibodaux and Saint Martinville areas and usually rent a DTS. I can't recall the interior color of one of those cars but vividly remember how great the ventilated seats were. I just ordered a 2012 SRX and went with the Shale/Brownstone. Good luck on your decision.

Smokin' SRX
07-21-11, 11:20 AM
Ya lucky guys! That will be a sweet eng/ride! I have the 2010 Performance Model and love it, but wish I had gotten the Premium like Sube has , so I'd have the Cooled seats too! My new Yukon has Black leather and with the new Onstar 9.0, that allows Long Distance Cell phone start/Lock etc, I never enter it hot, because I have the Auto A/C and great cooled seats in it!

Live and learn.....

Best of luck! Pls give us your first impressions guys!!