: Satnav freezing

07-19-11, 05:45 AM
Started having a problem with the satnav freezing and then coming up with DVD read error! Happened on a trip from Glasgow to Manchester 30 mins outside manchester when I needed it to find my location. After about 4 hours it started working again. When the problem occurs all functions of the touchsreen freeze too, radio, menu, cd etc. plus the voice activated menus do not work eihter.

Anyone else had this problem? Car registered in feb 10 so I guess it would still be under warranty?

07-21-11, 02:57 PM
Hi, I haven't had that problem to be fair and I bought mine in March 2010. Bought as a pre-registered 'new' car with delivery miles.

Has the car had its first service yet? If not, if it is still under warranty, get BM in Manchester to look at the unit during the service. (Don't forget to get the auto door locking function activated too along with undisclosed software updates). It could be that you need a new radio/satnav unit, if you do, I can only surmise it would be replaced FOC under warranty?

09-27-11, 10:27 AM
I have tried the satnav with the second disk (the one for Germany etc) and it works without problem, of course it does not have any map info but it shows my location on a big map of the UK. When I contacted GM and asked for a replacement disk they said they were not technical and insist I take it on a 520 mile round trip from Glasgow to manchester to have it checked out. Does anyone have a copy of the UK maps that they could sell or send to me to see if it works?

Gm also asked for a copy of the sales invoice which showed the 2 years warranty mentioned, as a motorpoint buy I did not have this on the invoice, did anyone else?



10-01-11, 10:51 AM
Iain,a couple of us sent the following to Cadillac customer services in Sweden to reset our warranties.Email---cac@klintbergway.com

I recently purchased a new Cadillac BLS 1.9D Elegance (180) 5dr Station Wagon Manual from Motorpoint, a car dealership in Derby UK.
The VIN number of the vehicle is
The vehicle was registered for first use in my name on . I attach a photograph of the UK registration document.
The Registration Number of the vehicle is.
My name is
My address is ,

I have spoken to a Cadillac Main Agent in UK about the warranty status of the vehicle and am advised that the computerised system currently shows the start date of the 3 years/60,000 mile warranty as 7th June 2008 which, I presume, is the date of vehicle manufacture in Sweden. I am told by the dealership from whom the car was purchased that the warranty start date for the vehicle can be re-set to commence from the date of first registration in UK and that I should contact you at CADILLAC Customer Support to arrange for this to be done.

Can you confirm that this information is correct? Further, once the warranty start date has been re-set, will I then enjoy the full 3 years/60,000 mile manufacturer's warranty as detailed in the CADILLAC Warranty and Service Book which accompanied the vehicle and does that include the breakdown assistance described in that booklet?

Perhaps, you would be kind enough to let me know whether the warranty start date can be re-set by yourselves and the implications of this.

I look forward to your early response,

We did this over 12 months ago by the way.The response was favourable and warranties re set on GM records.They did ask for copy of warranty/service book.