: Test drive: 2011 Escalade ESV Luxury

07-19-11, 03:48 AM
I drove one today at a local dealership, and I have one word. DAMN. :thumbsup:

07-19-11, 04:15 AM
Quieter than a library run by Stalin, more comfortable than an easy chair, 400 horsepower (need I say more about that?), loaded with more features than a cheap hooker has diseases, great looking, etc... The Yukon Denali is a nice vehicle, but the Escalade is in a whole different world. The turning radius was especially impressive for a vehicle that size. Great visibility, and easy to use electronics. Pearlescent white paint (a $1500 option...) was beautiful. 22" factory chrome rims set it off just right. You could fit a CTS in it, for god's sake. Lol. 13 city 18 hwy not bad for a beast like that, either.

While I was there, I sat in the new 300... much smaller than I had expected, and they didn't have any with the HEMI on the lot (that= not interested.)
Also spent some time with the 2011 SRX-4 Luxury. Impressive vehicle. Gorgeous styling, and a phenomenal interior. I was especially impressed by the huge sunroof. Also sat in the 2011 CTS. It was so small inside it was pitiful. The Jeep Rubicon I sat in had more comfortable seats. I had to move the steering wheel all of the way forward and the seat all of the way back to just barely fit, and I'm not even extremely tall. (6'2"). Beautiful interior, though. Too bad I couldn't fit in it... I was dying to drive the Merc SL70 AMG (how often do you see those??? 500hp V12 in a TINY little convertible... O M G.)that they had on the lot, but it wasn't theirs. Just a detailing client...

07-19-11, 04:25 AM

07-19-11, 04:27 AM

I had that coming. This is the exact car I drove. University Auto. I really trust them. We have bought 6 cars from them. They love us. Lol

07-19-11, 04:38 AM
I've been looking at 10 year old cars for so long I thought $79k was a misprint. I wonder what a lease payment would come out to

07-19-11, 04:43 AM
With a $2000 trade in, 36 months at 8.99% with $2500 down, the payment comes to around $2500 a month. Holy shit. You can rent a nice house for that.

07-19-11, 04:44 AM
Then again, if you can afford this vehicle, your down will sure as hell be more than $2500, and financing won't be an issue. Lol