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07-17-11, 01:46 AM
Need help in identifying two black modules I discovered while removing seats and carpet, drying everything out because of a flood. The fuse banks (Left and Right) were spared from water. However, below the right fuse bank (back passenger compartment) there are two black modules taped and velcrod verticaly . One has a single black wire coming out of it in addition to it's connector. The black wire probably serves as an antenna for something. I took apart the other module and it has a cylindrical battery in it also. Anyone know what these two modules are underneath the right fuse bank? Things seem to start without them I have discovered. thanks1

07-17-11, 12:19 PM
Can you post photos? There is nothing in the master electrical component list that describes anything other than the RR fuse block in this area. There is also nothing in any of the harness routing views. I'm a little suspicious it may not be factory because I've never known GM to use much in the way of velcro. Where did you get the car originally?

07-17-11, 01:17 PM
I have been digging and found nothing also. The small black boxes are square and about 3 to for inches in size, and a half inch thick. Whatever they are, one is fried with a burnt component where the cylindrical battery plugs into it's circuit board, along with other corrosion. That moduile has FCC compliance data on the module The other module is the one that has the black wire sticking out of it and taped to its side which appears to act as an antenna. The connector are corroded on this module also and I am thinking it would not be working whatever it is. I do not appear to have lost any systems with the car due to the water that got in the floor board except the Stability control. I'm trying a yaw/lateral sensor to fix that being that sensor was on the floor of the car in water. Other than that it looks as if no other components got harmed. Whatever these two mystery modules are their toasting hasn't effected much that I can see. I will take some photos today as the disaster recovery project continues. The car was leased for 4 years in Miami and I got it from an auto auction in Texas directly before it went to auction.

07-17-11, 01:23 PM
Is there an FCC ID number on there you can post?

07-18-11, 12:06 AM

OK here is one photo of the two modules, and one of them connects to the antenna (copper zigzag) piece above the modules. The antenna piece was tapes to the deck below the back seat. In the other photo notice the black squares below the fuse module. These black squares are where the modules were stuck (one velcroed and one black sticky taped) to the car. Looks like a barcode sticker on one with a number BD08CE971, the other module has an FCC ID: IDILJU-03U. The connectors do look cheezy and resemble nothing else on the vehicle. Everything was taped into a wiring harness. Is this a Lojack job or something? When i got the car, attached to each FOB/key setup was another remote looking device that had no controls or buttons. No one could explain the purpose of those. I took them off the key rings because everything seemed to work without them. I am wondering if all this is related.

07-18-11, 12:29 AM
As I was suspecting, that's exactly what it is (Lo-Jack), at least one of the modules is. Not certain exactly what the other is but it may be related. I can't really tell from the photo, are they wired together? If so, they'll be part of the same system.