: Sub Install FAIL (...HELP?)

07-16-11, 11:24 PM
Wanted to add an amp/sub to my 04 V with Bose Nav.

Tapped into fuse block 12V power under rear seat, grounded to one of the back seat mount bolts, used a Navone 2ch LOC tapped into the rear stock sub hi-level wires (just used the L+ and L-). I have a remote gain control knob (potentiometer) on my oldie-but-goody Phoenix Gold 300wrms amp running a 12W3 in a wedge box. I've used this all in other cars and it sounds great.

Fired it up...

Bass lowers in volume as I turn up the main volume. I knew Caddy stock systems did this, but I would SWEAR i've read that by using the Navone 2ch (instead of the hi-level inputs on my amp) that I would overcome this and have a steady signal to my amp RCA. :crying:

I emailed Dave N, he said it seems like the polarity is backwards. I double checked the whole system and it is wired correctly. I swapped the +/- on the hi level input to the LOC for shitsngrins but it acted the same. Good bass at 1-50% volume but when I turn it up it fades out and just sounds like crap.

What did I do wrong? Any ideas? :banghead:

Thanks ahead...

07-16-11, 11:47 PM
Try ditching the LOC and use the high level inputs.

07-17-11, 12:35 PM
I installed my system with the Navone (as have many others) and have not had this problem.