: can i add a turbo? 472

07-16-11, 07:12 PM
i got a 1969-1971 472 relive all stock mite had new cam put in by last owner cant
remember was wondering if i could add any these turbo to the motor or should i just pass on them.guy selling them for 100 buck each
Reman Detroit Diesel Garrett Allied #23503265
Reman Detroit Diesel Garrett Allied #4927027
RF Garrett TV-7511 #892703
motor in 1970 dodge w200 4x4 3/4 with th400 its drive when i cant take car to work truck.

and if i can use any these turbo what all need be done?
what type power mite i see?
how bad would it kill mpg?
what work would i have do to motor if any ?

07-17-11, 11:01 AM
You have to ensure the crank, rods and bearings are in good condition With any turbo you put a lot of added stress on the bottom end of the engine. You need the essentials for any turbo application. An intercooler would make the turbo even more efficient.

07-25-11, 05:37 AM
if it bone stock engine, do not put lots of pressure, I guess 0.2-0.4 bar/Mpa would make nice extra power?