: Center Cosole Latch

07-16-11, 12:06 PM
Have any of you members had the plastic console latch break? Mine is cracked all up. Is it it possible the dealer broke it when they repaired my SHIFT TO PARK ISSUE? I beleive from some of the other posts that they have have to remove the console which they repaired a couple of weeks ago. I just noticed that it is broken. Sometimes I just shudder at some of the cheap plastic parts on this car. That's a shame!! Is it something I can replace?? Thanks guys..

07-16-11, 12:34 PM
I'm sure they likely did remove the console. It's hard to say if they broke it or not. I've had my console out a couple of times and the lid can stay closed throughout the entire process. Even more than the quality of some parts, I shudder at how careless some of the techs are. I've had nothing but one bad experience after another at "most" dealerships I've been to. I usually pick my dealership and the tech who does the work. Under factory warranty I can't, and this is really unfortunate. Nine more days and I'm off base warranty and onto GMPP. Then I'll be able to use my regular dealership and the techs I trust.

10-07-11, 12:51 PM
Well I gathered up all the pieces to the latch. The only part of the latch that needed to be repaired was one of the tabs that slips in to the holes. Basically they are probaly called hinges. I glued it back together and it seems pretty solid. The question I have is which side of the latch does the spring go on? I just found the spring today in the corner of the compartment. Maybe with your help I can get this back into place. One tab is longer than the other. Slip it in one hole and slide it over??

10-07-11, 01:57 PM
I answered my own question. It has to go on the longer tab. There wouldn't be enough room on the shorter one. DUH!! That happens to be the tab that broke. We'll see how the glue job holds. The spring appears to be the only replacement part for the door.