View Full Version : Yaw/lateral sensor location? 2005-STS

07-15-11, 07:31 PM
Trying to find this sensor for the Stability Control System. The service manual says to pull the passenger seat all the way rearward and then lift the carpet and it is secured to the floorboard with two screws. Can anyone give a more exact description of where before i go randomly digging up the carpet? Like would it be near where the passenger would put their feet on the floor? Or maybe slightly under the front part of the seat? Also, being realistic, is seat removal a better option? I just couldn't see how to get the carpet lifted up by merely moving the passngers seat all the way toward the rear. Any steps on finding and getting to that sensor would be greatly appreciated. My STS took on about 1 inch of water on the floor in a fast flood incident awhile back. A big drying effort, and all things seem normal with the exception of the "check stabilty sys" pops up at every start of the vehicle. Traction control - fine. Antilock brakes - fine. I figure sense the yaw/lateral accelerometer sensor is on the floor that would be the logical thing that got ruined with the water, causing my error message at startup. Just need to find the little devil. Thanks for any input. Hoo.

07-15-11, 08:22 PM
If your car took on an inch of water and was never properly serviced I would strongly suggest removing the seats, centre console and carpeting. Any components and unsealed connectors (which is what's typically used inside the car) should be inspected and everything should be allowed to dry completely.

07-15-11, 09:21 PM
yes sir ddalder thanks for the input. I literally just realized what you posted in the last 30 minutes. I just did a little more recon and pulled the lower plastic molding along the bottom by the passenger door, the plastic covers that cover the front seat rails, and carefully pulled back the carpet from the front and looked at the lower black piece of insulation that lays on the floor board. All still soaked. I really had an illusion of dryness from the top view. Tomorrow the project begins to remove seats and carpet and let things start baking in the sun along with fans and start contact cleaning the connectors. I got lucky so far and don't want to push it.

Still, do you have any info on locating that yaw/lateral sensor? I am hoping it shows up after removing the seats and carpet tomorrow but i remain perplexed. Considering what i did tonight and what the service manual describes as its location, I figure i would have located it. Couldn't find it. I guess it is more under the seat? Dunno. Tomorrow brings another day. thanks.

07-15-11, 09:26 PM
I got a feeling you'll find it along the way. You may be in for a big job but you'll be glad you did. Mold spores turm evil like you wouldn't believe!

07-15-11, 11:01 PM
As EChas mentioned, I didn't get into location. I'm confident you'll find it once you get in there. You may find two sensors under there.

07-19-11, 06:03 PM
Good Luck removing the seats...I removed mine a few months ago for a thorough cleaning....you literally have to remove them through the rear doors after removing the rear seat. Might be easier as a 2 person operation. There are a few modules under the carpet under the passenger seat.

07-19-11, 10:59 PM
Seat removal/installation should definitely be a two person task. There is too much opportunity to hurt yourself given the weight and how awkward they are. Then of course there is the risk of damage to the other interior trim, door jambs, etc. I haven't had mine out (of this car) yet but I'll definitely be recruiting some assistance next month when I do remove them.

07-20-11, 12:24 AM
Passenger front seat did make it nicely out the front door but the steering wheel kind of makes it impossible (as far as I can tell, and I tried) to get the driver's seat out the front. Anderbra I just had one module under the passenger seat, the Yaw/lateral sensor, after all the carpet was removed. My car has a lot of features but lacks the Heads up display and the pacing cruise control feature. Maybe i would have more modules on the floor if I had those. Anyway I have a yaw sensor on the way, threw away all the lojack crap that baffled me for a day trying to figure out what the junk modules were, carefully treated all connectors and inspected and protected what was necessary. The dried out carpets start going back in tomorrow. It has been a lot of work in this heat but I am now convinced it was the right thing to do to save the car and my health in the longer term.

07-20-11, 12:32 AM
You would not have more modules under the carpet with the addition of a Head-Up Display or Adaptive Cruise. These systems are located elsewhere in the vehicle. Depending on the car, there will be either one or two sensors under the carpet. The Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM), or airbag module, is elevated on the crest of the floor underneath a portion of the console. There really shouldn't be any other "module" mounted directly to the floor, regardless of options. Too much opportunity for moisture. Pulling this all apart and replacing that sensor is absolutely the right thing to do!