: 1996 ETC Code nightmares p13

Justin Madaj
07-15-11, 11:53 AM
Just wanted to thank you all for giving us so much data and not knowing it. I am new to the forum but have been reading posts via Google searches for a long time. I had P1350 and P1375 on my computer for the longest time and was just dealing with the issues that came up. ( poor performance, Stalling, No tach on start then restart a few times till it came back...) After seeing that many of you all had the same issues with a few more codes 2 boot. I found and got the new crankshaft position sensors. Codes are gone and she runs like a top. Tho a few things wer different between the models and years the 96 wasn't all that bad if you have small hands and long fingers.
1. Remove plastic splash pan
2. drain oil and remove filter.
3. remove oil filter adapter. unplug sensor ( 2 screws, 1 is on lover side other is on top pass side) "top is difficult 2 get but can b done"
this is when having small hands works for you. I needed my friend for this

4. unplug and remove lover CPS mark plug with tape
5. unplug and remove upper CPS
6. install upper CPS and plug it in
7 install lover CPS and plug in
8. plug in Oil sensor
9. install oil filter adapter
10. Install oil filter and refill oil

don't just crank it over let it charge up ( do threw the dings and light show)
Should just crank right over with nothing coming over the info center. The SES light will still be on till you restart 3 times. After that its all good in the neighbor hood.

Hope this helps others.