: im looking to buy a 2008 STS . are there any problems i should know about?

07-15-11, 04:36 AM
are there any problems i should know about? are they easily fixable. ive never purchased a previously owned car before so i am a lil nervous. i dont wanna buy something i will regreet.

07-15-11, 09:09 AM

Overall great car. Own mine since June 2008. Currently at 18,200 miles.
Only mechanical problem to date as been Tire Air Pressure indicator, which has malfunctioned twice. Fixed both times under warranty.
Water seeping into Trunk lid. You can either remove rubber plugs on right and left side of trunk lid where it meets the bumper or have seal replaced around trunk lid brake light if under warranty. Mine fixed under warranty, no further problems.
If the vehicle you are considering has Navigation be advised that:
Voice recognition works poorly.
Navigation is not very accurate (in some cases off by 1/4 mile) and has a terrible time with gated communities.
On-Star with turn by turn directions works much better for Navigation.

Having said that the car is great and fun to drive!

Good luck.

07-15-11, 04:57 PM
You didn't say if you were looking at a 3.6L V6DI or a N*. I have owned mine since March 2008 and now have 43K on it. I bought it as a GM program car with 8K miles on it. I love the car. The only repairs I have had was a steering wheel replacement (heater failed), glove box latch broke, and a rear pinion seal replaced because of
leakage. Also my front brakes tend to pulse after awhile due to warping rotors. I have had them turned twice and intend to replace them with "frozen rotors" and Hawk HPS pads soon. All repairs were done by a dealer under the CPO warranty. I would strongly urge you to get a warranty with the purchase, CPO of GMPP if possible. Great cars and fun to drive. Enjoy.;)

07-15-11, 09:29 PM
I highly recommend a warranty.

07-16-11, 09:49 AM
Buy a warranty!!!! (Very common advice here amongst forum members).

Nice car, but there are some common problems...

These cars are definintely hard on batteries.
Original tires were not a good choice. Lots of complaints on the forum about these.
Door handle electronics / passive keyless entry problems are a common problem.
Condensation in the headlamps has been mentioned here regularly.
Heated steering wheel (already mentioned) is an expensive repair.
Pinion seal leaks are common.
Chrome peeling from interior door handles.
Water leaks into the trunk (already mentioned).
Can be a little harder on brakes than many cars.
Engine (N*) tends to be fairly solid. Earlier generation Northstar engines were more problematic.
Transmissions tend to do well also.
Trim around base of front seat(s) is notorious for coming off (fortunately not an expensive problem).
Some of the front lamps can be labour intensive to change (must remove front fascia).
Magnetic ride control struts are very expensive if they ever need to be replaced.
My navigation has been quite good (as far as accuracy), but it won't be any better than the data on the disc so this may not be the case everywhere.
As mentioned, the voice recognition system is very poor. I usually don't even waste my time with it.

My 2008 was purchased pre-owned. It was clearly not an abused car and was fairly low mileage. I had a huge list of problems with it, although I'm not certain some of them were "common" so I won't get into those here. I really enjoy my car, but it has been far from problem free.

07-20-11, 11:00 AM
Chrome peeling from interior door handles. And we wonder why a company that claims to build the Standard Of The World goes bankropt and needs a government bail out. That little door pull that is used by the driver every time he/she exits the car, is a crappy piece of plastic with an overlay of maybe plastic. Mine has rough edges and cut my finger one. It hasn't fallen off yet, but it eventually will. My 2001 Eldorado's handles are solid chromed metal.

So as we make advances in technology, and we save money in production, the product becomes cheaper and cheaper - and poorer and poorer.

07-20-11, 10:21 PM
The 21st Century is proof of Negative Progress. Just look around.

07-24-11, 06:31 PM
Chrome peeling from interior door handles. And we wonder why a company that claims to build the Standard Of The World goes bankropt and needs a government bail out. .

and that is likely one of the many reasons the resale is so poor on these cars and always has been

You can also add some of the comments earlier about the poor voice activations and Nav system.....I agree with the comments about both of them


what do you expect for a car that can be bought for 1/3 of its sticker after 3 years?

is it realistic to expect world class reliability and quality?( at that price)


07-25-11, 01:37 AM
..."Mine has rough edges and cut my finger one. It hasn't fallen off yet, but it eventually will."

If it does fall off, pack it in ice and hurry to ER.

07-25-11, 01:42 AM
1. Automotive parts get cheaper and cheaper (quality, not price).
2. Manufacturers' employees continue with lifetime health insurance, paid time off (?during strikes and/or lay-offs?), and porter salaries are $20 per hour or more (even many many years ago).
3. What is wrong with this picture???

07-25-11, 07:36 AM
thats a little over simplified....and why was Ford not in the same financial state?

I think you need to dig deeper than than that
Quality was down....and the perception of that is still there today
Too many divisions with repetitive products that were not selling well..and hadn't been for several years
Cars coming back from lease( Cadillac's) were not holding anywhere near their stated residual values when they were returned...so GM had to highly subsidize Cadillac leases just to move cars
Ever seen what a lease was on an STS?....based on the value it loses it should have been 30-40% higher than the rates they were advertising

Continuing to make cars that were not selling well..ie the STS and put financial resources into projects that failed( sales wise)...STS TYPE V and XLR

A global downturn that slowed sales of the vehicles that they were selling and probably actually making a profit on...trucks and SUV's


07-25-11, 10:29 PM
I bought a 2008 AWD 3.6 DFI with 29k miles on it 4 weeks ago. I had to replace both front door handles because the RF antennas in them failed. I had to replace the sunroof shade because it was loose and rattling. My only complaint is that the engine idles at 1300 RPM for about 45 seconds when the engine is cold. If you put it in gear the car runs away on you. I traded in a 2005 1SG V8 STS for this car. The V8 is a much more solid engine. The big surprise is after 4 weeks the car is averaging 25.4 MPG. The V8 did 19.4. All in all I think that you will be satisfied with your purchase but I would highly recommend buying it certified, which means that you must get it from a Cadillac dealer.