: Headlight Revival

07-15-11, 04:08 AM
Posted here because it is pretty universal... lol. So, my headlights are hazy and discolored, as with most any 12 year old car, and they have those tiny little microcracks all over them. Should I try using one of those kits for reviving headlights from Auto Zone, or just go for a whole new set. I can get a new set (headlights and cornering lights) on eBay for around $150. I have never tried one of these kits before, either, so any advice would be helpful. :bonkers:

07-15-11, 02:50 PM
I've gotten good results from the 3M kit. My original headlights looked good, but I had to replace the passenger side unit (>$300 from a wrecking yard) because the adjustment screws were broken and they were aimed all wrong. That one had some haze, which the 3M kit did a decent job removing, and I had them professionally touched up this spring. The microcracks on mine are on the inside, so they're not going away.

The Tony Show
07-15-11, 06:54 PM
If you're willing to take the time and effort to do it right, the kit will give you professional results and look great. If you go in thinking it's going to be an easy, magical fix, you'll be disappointed.

07-16-11, 02:04 AM
Go on CL and find a good local detail shop, or someone who offers to do the service exclusively. The 3M kit is decent if you really spend the time to do it right. However I took the Escalade to a professional a couple of days ago, and was quoted 25.00 per light since the yellowing was only on the top "eyebrows" of the light. He must have regretted that, because by the time he was done I had spent a grand total of 5 hours waiting in the lobby of the shop. The guy is a total perfectionist.

If I'm not mistaken, our body and paint guy in Saint Louis did the Seville ones as part of an overall paint job for even less with equally nice results... $20 bucks total I think? (Same price as the damn kit).

07-17-11, 03:37 AM
While I never got to the bottom of it, mostly because I did not care, I did see a Ford Crown Victoria with glass headlamps once and have seen other modern cars with glass replacements too. Those do not fade, scratch or crack. I wonder if there is a company that does this.

07-17-11, 03:40 AM