View Full Version : To be honest, How Many Sixteen was build

07-14-11, 11:54 PM
I searched in google..
topgear or many kind of news paper had them for test.
Topgear is the famous automobile newspaper in England..
and photos of the Sixteen in Dubai also...
look at the Maybach Exelero.. Maybach claim it is a concept car but few people still own it.
So what is the truth about Sixteen..
Did they still build few production to weathy custommer who is very interested in it but very very rare..

07-15-11, 08:43 AM
They built one. It was able to go like 35mph. It was a concept car in the purest sense of the term. No production models were ever built. This is GM, not a coachbuilder. If they can't put it on an assembly line, you won't be buying it from them, which is really unfortunate, because I love the Sixteen.

07-15-11, 08:56 AM
The Cien, on the other hand, they made how many of?

BTW Maybach Exelero- Hideously ugly. Hate it. Much prefer S-class based Maybach.

07-15-11, 10:10 AM
word on the streets is one wealthy oil baron offered 10 million for the supposed only build version available. GM declined his offer

07-15-11, 12:00 PM
The car LOOKED nice, and the specs were great, but it didn't have any functional features, not even a sound system. Nor would it meet any safety standard anywhere, except maybe China. Plus the gearbox was too puny to handle the engine so if you gave it any power it would tank almost immediately. The only thing it was meant to do every was drive itself on and off trailers and stages. That's why when the car appeared on Top Gear, they took it around the track slow. The Maybach Exelero was a one-off too, it was built for a tire company to prototype tires on.