: Memory seat with remote control

10-19-04, 01:51 AM
Hello all,
I must be crazy but I thought my '05 EXT seat would position itself based on which remote control (No. 1 or No. 2) was used? So am I crazy or what? The pushbuttons on the drivers door for memory works great. If the number labels on the remotes are not for the seat position, what do the numbers denote?

Thanks as always!


10-19-04, 10:40 AM
My '04 Escalade has two remote key fobs. #1 and #2. My wife has #1 and I've got #2. When I approach the car and hit unlock my preferences for seat, mirrors, radio station are set. Driver 2 appears in the Driver Information Centre.

When My Wife hits her key fob, Driver #1 appears in the Driver Information Centre and her preferrences are set.

Set the seats the way you like, If you're using the #1 key fob, hold the button marked 1 on the door until you hear two "beep"s and the preferences for the key fob should be set. Ditto for #2.

Hope this helps...

10-19-04, 10:22 PM
I wish it did help...this is the only thing on my '05 I can't figure out. I have done it like you said and like the manual said. The #1 and #2 buttons on the doors work correctly and position the seat, mirrors etc. but the key fobs don't make a difference...can anyone help me with this? Did something change on the '05's?


10-19-04, 10:27 PM
Mine works the same way as Slapshot said in his post.