: Full Size Premium RWD Cadillac Premium Luxury Sedan WISH LIST

Lord Cadillac
07-14-11, 04:32 PM
What will it take for you to buy the planned Full Size Premium RWD Cadillac Premium Luxury Sedan?

Maybe we can start a list for luxury items and amenities, technology, comfort and convenience...

07-15-11, 01:10 AM
with me..
1 : prestige looking and eye catching and BIG
2 : Very nice Interior + convenience (it must)
3 : technology (Night Vision, Command like Benz..or etc etc...) Adaptive Suspension..Sport mode, Soft mode..tour mode..
4 : Comfort + Smooth Acc..\

07-16-11, 01:19 AM
Nightvision is out. Is it volvo putting thermal imaging in the dash now? Make the speedo area just a big screen, put the thermal imaging in there. I think I saw this on Top Gear on the Volvo? Looked slick, Top Gear dudes loved it. Thermal works in bad weather as well as at night. I'm assuming by 2015 all LED lighting will have to go in (headlights included). My big wish for all cars, modules you can swap for full integration of any smart phone. If near field tech in phones catches on, axe the key/fob all together. Just program your phone to your car. Something about the suicide doors on a Rolls has always been cool as well. Gas-o-lectric car. Engine as generator, wheel motors on each wheel (not for hippie pandering, for instant, easy torque, make the car "act" however you want it to). Axe the plastic in the dash, buttons included. Can we get some brushed metal please?

07-16-11, 03:07 PM
It must have stying that looks like a Cadillac and nothing else. It also must have styling that doesn't make me feel like I'm sitting in a bathtub peering over the edges. Lower beltline, please.

V8 is a must, at least as an option. No V8 = no buy.

A real selection of exterior colors would be nice. Three shades of white do not count.

An interior option other than black, grey, or beige leather. How about a some cloth options? And I don't mean velour.

As far as technology and options, I expect them all. Standard.

And for heaven's sake, get the engineering down right the first time. No more Northstar-type "let's have the same known defect in production for 15+ years" debacles.

07-16-11, 03:55 PM
Styling is the most important aspect of developing a Cadillac truly "premium" luxury sedan. The stylist should step outside the current fad of four door coupe with very high side and narrow windows, this has been done obnauseum by every maker including Chinese, box, a return to the proportions of the 4th generation Seville STS would be a good start. Perhaps a bit larger than the Seville.

Fit and finish must be exemplary, the hit or miss assembly of some of the recent Cadillacs must be a thing of the past. Materials must be top grade and stand up well to wear, not just fad "luxury" materials that look great in the showroom but quickly deteriorate in use. Attention must be paid to interior and exterior clearances and to the removal of flashing from molded components.

Of course, all accessories that are present in competing "luxury" models should be included in this car.

If a truly first class were to be produced a sticker price of $80,000 and up would be justified and acceptable to buyers of this class of automobile.

07-16-11, 08:13 PM
V8 and RWD. I'd really like the LS3 or whatever they're putting in the Corvette at the time to be standard. If you're going to design an all new engine for this car, it better have the same hp/tq curves as the Corvette. Nothing is worse than having a peaky/no torque motor in a big heavy car, I hate cars that have a couple second delay when you floor it from a stop until the engine gets into its powerband.

Must have world class fit and fit finish on the inside. Nothing Cadillac makes currently stands up to the best that Germany or Lexus offers. In fact I think the interior on the CTS is kind of chintzy. Good design marred by some poor fitting panels, uncomfortable seats that squeak every time you enter/exit the car, chintzy feeling door pulls that flex when you pull the door closed(this is a big deal IMO that a lot of manufactures don't get right)

07-17-11, 05:00 AM
A big body Cadillac that hearkens back to the '93-'96 Fleetwood. Big body, plush comfortable ride, either a big block V8 such as the LSx series or even a cleaned up and de-bugged version of the Northstar. Lots of interior amenities, storage and adjust ability, possibly reclining rear seats. It is all about CLASS and LUXURY. It would be very nice to have a cloth upholstery option, as stated above. Personally, I really like the night vision idea. Top of the line electronics should come standard, including a high quality stereo system, not those pathetic paper cones that blow every year. Again, with the big body. It must be a large, full size vehicle that clearly makes a statement when you see it on the road. I am a Cadillac, not an LS400, not an S class or 7 series.

07-18-11, 12:55 AM
^We can but dream, my friend.

07-18-11, 02:05 AM
^ I own a 95 Fleetwood and IMO its just too big of a car for most people. If it was about 10-12" shorter and about the same proportions, you'd open yourself up to a lot more customers. Its cool and all that I can stand between the radiator and the engine on my car, but its wasted space.

07-18-11, 02:07 AM
^ I own a 95 Fleetwood and IMO its just too big of a car for most people. If it was about 10-12" shorter and about the same proportions, you'd open yourself up to a lot more customers. Its cool and all that I can stand between the radiator and the engine on my car, but its wasted space. I am in love with the '93-'96 FWB. Beautiful car. I want one very badly. Probably much cheaper to repair than a '99 DeVille, too. The problem is that it is rear wheel drive, which I would love if RWD wasn't SHIT in winter weather, which gets VERY severe here.

07-18-11, 02:45 AM
^ I got around great in my 1991 Brougham on unplowed roads of 5-6" of snow. The secret is about 100lbs of sand in the trunk, good tires, and never stop on a hill lol. Same thing with my 2wd truck, just put some weight in the bed and off you go.

07-24-11, 04:17 PM
It is very possible that for my next Cadillac, it would be a new one. So it's very important to me...

1) V8.
2) Long body (preferably over 220 inches), long wheelbase
3) F55. Well just don't use something like CVRSS (not long lasting and costly to replace)
4) Offers luxurious version like Cadillac SLS in China
5) Standard luxury features like rainsense, auto adjusting headlights, heated&cooled seats and etc.
6) Lower belt line. Let's not go Lexus.


No V version for this.

07-24-11, 11:26 PM
This one's easy to answer in one line - it should be excessive, on every account. If you don't think it really needs it, you are wrong - it does.

That's it, that's all it should be. If you list certain options you'd like to see (even assuming RWD rather than other configs), you are inherently creating limitations. All you need to know is it should be as excessive as a world class luxury division's flagship should be. The rest will fall into place.

07-25-11, 03:52 AM
The hell with the cookie cutter crowed and the keeping up with the Europeans stuff.
Build American Cars For Americans!
Maybe there design team ( Do they still have one?) could straighten this idea up.

08-12-11, 02:35 AM
we need the Sixteen with the V8 inside...and limited V16
everyday i look at that car. I bought the Diecast from Ebay to put it in my home. It is the most beautifull Cadillac ever build in 21 century
That will be great....

Bruce Wayne
08-13-11, 08:46 AM
:yeah: give us the cadillac sixteen with a V8

08-31-11, 05:55 PM
OK Cadillac, I know you read these forums and I love big Cadillacs so here goes.

I wand RWD, Double Wishbone front suspension(PLEASE NO STRUTS), new next Gen Corvette V8 engine, lots of room inside and for the trunk, also lower the wind and road noise lower than current DTS(thats terrible). Not sure about Magna power steering or Magnetic shocks(too expensive and a little jerky on early models). Also, I want triple reinforced "A,B.C" columns like the Mercedes S-class.

A car like this can not be any shorter than the current DTS. It has to be big, screw the moonbat eco warriors.

I hate the seats in the 06-11DTS, but I really loved the seats in the 00-05Deville, they were cupped in the back and flat on bottom. This is ideal for long hauls. Also, please stop making the seat cushion out of concrete, I am not sure when that became fashionable but I hate it and I am young if not hip.

What is most amazing, is the Cad 16 is now pretty old but if you produced it today, even with a LS series V8 it would be compared to Bently every time and it has at least 10 years left in it. I still think the Ciel should replace the DTS and produce the friggin Cad16.

Machine guns under the front lights and landmines and fog machines for the rear would be cool options as well.

Thank you Cadillac for not being a total dud like Lincoln.

06-12-15, 05:07 AM
When I think of a full size Cadillac luxury sedan I think of the old time Caddy's (late 50's into the 60's). My parents had a 1960 Series 62 convertible. Now that was a car. Any new Cadillac full size luxury sedan should have that kind of pedigree. OK minus the tail fins... The top three attributes should be:

1. B I G: Roomy and comfortable. Nuff said.

2. Powerful: I know the days of the 472 and 500 are gone and there will probably be no V12 or V16 market but maybe only a V8 would do. Base engine at least a 6.0 liter and maybe an optional around a 7.0 liter.

3. Modern: The cars I mentioned earlier were made during the space age. Well we've been to the moon and no one puts tail fins on their cars anymore. We are in the information age now. It is so convenient to have our cars talk to us. On good days when it is telling us about road and driving conditions and on the bad days when the car isn't doing so well. Any and all technology that can accomplish that would be well suited in this car.

Damn I think I just built a $100,000 freeway yacht...

10-21-15, 02:17 PM
Ive started a list of what Im looking for in my next new car .
V8 VVT and cylinder cutoff
Folding backseat
6 passenger, although its fine for front to have an armrest that doubles for emergency/child seat .
locking gas door ! sheesh I have to ask !
Top speed commensurate with tire rating .
Adequate fuel tank capicity .
Minimum trunk space, about 19 cu '

Of course I concur with what others have listed with regard to style, quailty build, etc .