: Faster page loading in discussion threads

Lord Cadillac
07-14-11, 10:06 AM
I hope everyone is noticing the quicker page loads while browsing through discussion threads. In case you haven't already noticed, two large network ads have been replaced with static 300x250 pixel red boxes with white text. If we can fill these spaces with ads from our authorized vendors, it can stay this way. If not, we'll have little choice but to put the network ads back in place.

Ad images hosted on our own servers take no time to load - and - they're cached on your computer - making availability almost instantaneous. Network ads need to be pulled from an outside source - which takes much longer to load - and depends on other factors as well.

If this works, we'll look to replace other network ads in the same manner. If you know of anyone interested in possibly purchasing ad space in these locations, please let them (and/or me) know.

Thank you for your consideration...

Sal C.

07-14-11, 05:36 PM
Yes.........Thanks for experimenting. Comment in the Lounge.