: Normal operating temp of an '11 V?

07-13-11, 11:52 PM
Concerned about reduced airflow with front license plate holder attached over lower grill? Temp gauge is about 225 on a warm summer day--normal or too hot?

07-14-11, 12:11 AM
Insignificant. Get a laser temp gauge and check it for accuracy, but the stock thermostat is 192? or so, so 200 is close.

07-14-11, 01:21 AM
That is hot!
Get a heat exchanger, 160 degree thermostat and a tune to turn your fans on sooner.

To test remove plate for a few days and see if she runs cooler in same ambient temp.

07-14-11, 11:09 AM
Curtis what temps are you running with an hx? You're further north than me but its been ungodly hot here in Cinci area and with the hx I have now, I'm staying around 200 in temps in the mid 90s and humidity = unbearable lol.

Caddy Wagon
07-14-11, 11:22 AM
I'm in AR. With my heat exchanger, I am seeing engine temps of 190-192 even when the temps were 100+ and the heat index was around 110-115. FWIW I still have the factory 190deg stat as well. When I had the stock heat exchanger, it was staying at about 200. I really wasn't expecting the engine temp to drop when I swapped out the heat exchanger, but it was a nice bonus.

07-14-11, 11:25 AM
192-200 for engine
165-180 for trans DDing
200 for racing.

Re: Normal operating temp of an '11 V?
which temp oil temp? trans temp?

without an oil temp gague there's no way to know, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's between 220-245.

07-14-11, 11:34 AM
The car can easiely be cooled down with just fan setting changes in the computer. We usually knock them down to 190ish. The stock thermostat seems to open up around 182 or so. It is kind of hard to tell because when you stick it in hot water to check, the thing starts to open from 180 to 185, so a 182 guess is my best choice. ;)

Customers sometimes put in 160F thermostats when they want to keep things cooler. That would also require a program change in the computer to help it out.

We have both in stock if you ever need to get it set up.

35 for the thermostat, 410 for the handheld. It makes everything more fun...

07-14-11, 11:35 AM
A heat exchanger should not effect your engine running temps. The fan settings in the computer, the thermostat itself, and Radiator all work at maintaining a set temp. The heat exchanger is/should only effect the Air charge temperature going into the engine itself after it has been boosted.