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07-12-11, 02:36 AM
I'm about to head out on a summer road trip. I've heard about a product called roadwrap to temporarily apply to the front of your vehicle. When you reach your destination, simply remove the film and all the bugs with it. I'm wondering is this stuff the same as Shrink Wrap? Or would Shrink wrap possibly melt from the heat coming from the vehicle. I've used Shrink Wrap for a lot of uses, just not this one. Might try it out on my mirrors first.

07-12-11, 02:59 AM
I used blue painters tape to protect my sports car when I took her out hard. It didn't effect the paint and did a great job protecting it. A lot of people that go to the track do similar.

07-12-11, 11:26 AM
^^ these are all good ideas I never thought of!

07-12-11, 09:33 PM
There is a new product on the market (within the last few years) that is a spray on protector. Its just peels off when your done. Just tape off the part of the car you don't want the over spray on and spray away. This stuff goes on thick and can be layered. Its like a spray version of the 3M clear bra. Guys in my S2000 club used to use it or the blue painters tape. The clear spray was nice if done correctly and left no lasting marks of any kind.

I'll try and find the name of it again... I have it around here somewhere.

07-13-11, 10:03 AM
Plastidip would work too now that I think of it.

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07-13-11, 10:09 AM
I bought a water based spray from griotsgarage.com that you cover the front of the car with before a road trip. It goes on kind of goopy like syrup and dries to a slightly tacky finish. Looks kind of crappy when it's on there, but rinses off with a hose (since it's water based) and takes all the bugs trapped in the goop with it.

Not a bad solution if you're more worried about protecting the front than looking cool while on the interstate.

07-13-11, 02:06 PM
Not water based but I've heard of using Pam to keep bugs from sticking. Never used it so i don't know the safety of using it. Sounds like there aare other water based products made for this purpose these days.

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07-14-11, 05:42 PM
Got the Roadwrap from Griots garage. Put it on the front for all our dog show trips every weekend.

Works great!!!

07-15-11, 04:09 AM
used roadwrap but after driving long trips, the edge ends up flapping on the paint leaving deep scouring/scratches and have since stopped using it.