: 07 Escalade HID light DILEMA

07-11-11, 11:07 PM
OK, I have a 2007 Escalade and am having a lot of wierd issues. First off my passenger HID light is out, left working fine. Replaced both lamps with new oem but right one still not working? Checked fuses and relays and both are fine. No Idea here save maybe a bad ballast? Cooled seats not working, Headrest dvd's stoped powering on and my tpsm is jacked. I'm thinking this has got to be some crazy wiring problem but no idea where to start or even look? HELP! Of course all of this started as soon as I hit 100k and no more warranty!

the cadillac man
07-12-11, 01:10 AM
hid light might be a bad ballast but swap bulbs between sides to be sure but that might be what is causing the rest of your issues i had smiler issues when i did my high beams on my 03 but it was due to a bad ballast that was arcing on the crossmember where i had mounted it but i got a new kit and have no problems now

07-12-11, 10:05 PM
Yeah I would agree, swap the ballast with the working unit and test it.

As for the other issues... I see you have an 07... I would look at the battery first, just to be sure its good. Bad batteries can lead to fake problems. If the battery is good: Cooled seats are a problem it seems for some reason -- (so check the wiring under the drivers seat make sure everything is plugged in correctly), DVD's (do you know if they are factory or aftermarket installs? I need that answer to point you in the right direction as to were to look for issues), TPSM - leads me back to the battery. That seems to be the solution for that problem. Sometimes they need to be reprogrammed though.