: melted Cat lil help re parts and pricing

07-11-11, 04:00 PM
Cat melted need to know what I am likely to rebuild and replace

Hello all Caddy gearheads out there. I have an ol pink deville from 77 and a 2000 Cat, which I had been driving since almost new.

As plastc radiators are known to do, mine leaked and a repair looked to be holding, NOT.

Iit looks like the timing belt melted and I am expecting all my valves are bent. I was about to replace it and the mechanical water pump and seal the cam covers but now it looks like I am in for new heads and gaskets at the least.

I have done more than my share of mechanic work including major repairs like this before. I am hoping however not to have to
buy a spring compressor and do any ring, piston or bearing work.

I have to assess whether I should spend the time or just sell it to somebody who wants anotherwise still nice car [real clean on inside]
good ouside with just under 90k on the speedo [who may be better suited to do the work cheaper and faster than I am willing.

Good tips and resources for what I going to need to buy, and best prices, would be appreciated.

I hate these damn interference engines and have thought about replacing with a GM 3.8 and even a 5 speed for fun and mileage but
it may be so much cheaper and easier to just replace the heads, and radiator for another 100,000 miles.

What say y'all?

Buck in Dallas
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