: Changing the Start/Stop switch

07-11-11, 01:48 PM
I have a new start/stop ignition switch and want to install it myself, but can't find the thread on how to do it. Do I simply pull off the trim piece around the cluster and then pull out the switch? Thanks for your help! :bouncy:

07-11-11, 07:27 PM
Basically, yes. You must however remove the trim around the radio, HVAC controls and ashtray first. You should also move the steering column all the way down and as close to the drivers seat as possible. Once you get it apart, you should be able to figure out the rest. There is a temperature sensor you'll need to either work around or move out of the way.

07-21-11, 12:06 AM
Just curious...what occurred that caused you to replace the switch? Having some issues and I suspect the switch....thanks.

07-21-11, 10:54 AM
They usually crack ,peel and or split. I had mines replaced under warranty about 2 years ago.

Big Boy
12-01-12, 07:06 PM
I replaced mine because the memory setting for exiting (tilt wheel & seat) did not always move to setting. When I wiggled switch everything worked as it should. Replaced and now works correctly everytime.