View Full Version : Custom Not-So-Much Ram Air :(

07-11-11, 12:05 PM
Not as functional as I was hoping. :helpless: Managed to hit a dog @ 65mph this weekend while cresting an overpass bridge on the interstate. Smashed hood, bumper, grille of course, radiator and all latching hardware for hood. Haven't tried to open it yet. Going to get estimate on Wednesday. :bonkers:

What a Doberman was doing in the middle of the interstate, on an overpass bridge at 3:30am is a mystery to me. :hmm: Especially since it was a pretty steep embankment on either side. Waiting for callback from State Trooper to see if he was able to find some tags to contact the owners to give them to sad news.


07-13-11, 03:35 PM
Got the estimate today....grand total $6,000.80. All from an 60-80lb dog. We were able to find the owner, but not looking forward to contacting them.