: Struts and Shocks

07-11-11, 11:39 AM
OK OK I'll beat the dead horse. I have A 99 ELdo base model FE1 suspension. I'm not looking to turn it into a race car just want alittle more stiffer, not so floaty ride. Throw all the input you can at me, I would much appreciate it!

johnny kannapo
07-11-11, 07:14 PM
Well you can see I'v been asking the same questions in this forum section but it's kinda/nearly dead in this section.

My FE1 system is in still good working condition(knock on wood) & am seeking the same info to adapt FE3.
I would rather not have the soft ride but I don't want to give up the RSS system.

The sway bars frt & rear, then the front struts are the main FE1/FE3 part differences for my 96' model the 99' is has differences but easier to deal with regarding this.

I haven't found solid info on the what all would need changing as far as the PCM/other body controller differences are.
There are 4 or five modules on the rear seat back 1 of them is the main body/chassis control module. Steering, brakes, TC & drivetrain all work in concert to make this thing work.

Passive struts can solve the ride problems but will handicap the rest system to a degree.