: 2000 STS Half-case seal gasket P/N

07-11-11, 07:50 AM
I am getting ready to reassemble my 2000 STS motor that had blown head gaskets and leaking half-case seal. In my haste to order parts and gaskets, I have already ordered a new timing cover gasket, but I did not order the half-case seal silicone 'strips'. Now, I see I can only find the half-case seals as part of a kit which includes the timing cover gasket! I looked on compnine, and no part number is given for this gasket. Maybe I should call Rippy?

On another note, I have misplaced my bottle of loctite from my first stud kit ordered from Jake... is it just regular blue Loctite in the bottle that I can grab from the parts store?



00 Deville
07-11-11, 08:30 AM
The thread sealer that came in my studkit was Permatex medium strength threadlocker blue (P/N 24240). I would give Chris a call on the half case seals... also if your doing the rear main seal only use an OEM seal.... several members have had issues with Fel-pro rear mains leaking.

07-15-11, 12:53 AM
The regular thread locker we ship out is real good stuff, we order 5 gallons at a time. It is medium strength. The Permatex served as a replacement during the time we had a shortage of the regular stuff.