: Head I.D. firing order

07-10-11, 11:53 PM
I was wondering how do.I.tell what heads I have one my 350 Oldsmobile. Motor. Any way to I.d it with all the numbers on it. I am trying to get a new gasket for it.

I am also on the hunt for firing order cylinder line up and distributor set up. What plugs go where on my 67 Calais with the 429. Thanks again.

Here is a site I found for head gaskets.http://www.mondellotwister.com/GasketsSealants.htm

07-11-11, 12:05 AM
when it comes to oldsmobiles, all the heads for small blocks are pretty much the same, a head gasket is the same for all small blocks and a big block is the same for all olds big blocks

you tell a small block head cuz it has a big number on the end upper part of the head, a big block olds had a letter

as for firing order if i still remember correctly. its the same as a chevy engine but the distributor spins the opposite way


07-11-11, 04:40 AM
All the info you need is right here. When you get done with heads section, go to the bottom and click on some of the other info. This stuff was pretty helpful.

07-12-11, 12:59 PM
Okay thanks