View Full Version : 95 fleetwood brougham rear suspension issue

07-10-11, 05:26 PM
Hi, i have a 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with 39,000 miles and i am having an issue with the right rear sagging on occasion. I have been doing a little reading on line and i see that there is a position sensor on each corner of the vehicle and i was thinking that might be the problem. If there is anyone with knowledge of this system i would be grateful for any input you might have. Thanks O.Russotto

07-10-11, 05:40 PM
There's only one height sensor. It is on the middle of the rear end. I think you are thinking of the ABS sensors that are on each end of the axle. If one corner is sagging, you likely have a leak in that shock or line to that one shock.