: Bad experience getting a '70 steering wheel

07-09-11, 03:23 PM
Hello guys,

Last april 23 I bought in ebay after bidding to the seller "autoparts-resource" (never forget this name) a 70 cadillac steering wheel in order to use factory horn button instead of the button under the dash installed by previous owner, as rim cover -used to play horn in 69- was smashed, so I paid it immediately by Paypal. On april 27 he informed me through ebay that the wheel had been sent to me but unlike most USA sellers did not send me the USPS tracking (First mistake).

After almost one month without receiving the item (In most cases I receive it from USA in 7-8 days) I contacted him through ebay to ask what was happening with the item. He told me sometimes international shipping was delaying to 6 weeks so asked me to wait one more week or so and if I did not receive the item by that time, he would send me another one (what was a lie, as I could check later).

After more than a week I contacted him again to tell him that I received nothing so he would have to send me another one as he promised. He told me that he would do it. One week later I sent another message to him to ask for tracking or info about the new item sent but got no answer. I sent him another 2 messages in the following 2 weeks, the last one asking for refund if I could get no info and warning him that I would report him to the ebay administrators if he did not solve the problem in 2 days but I got no response. When I talked with ebay they told me that I could only open a case to mediate between seller and buyer before 45 days after purchase. That was just the moment he answered me for the last time, so now I only have the following options:

Talking to Paypal and see if they can help me (I will do it but I have little hope)
Report him for "postal fraud" at my postal office ??
Report him to the Internet Crime Group of the local Police; if they considered it sufficiently important would contact FBI but I think it improbable as we are talking about $ 170.

I have bought a lot of things for my 69 caddy through e-bay and had no problem but this seller autoparts-resource seems to be the black sheep. Iīm surprised that after 45 days from purchase ebay renounce to help a buyer that has been deluded by an unscrupulous seller that is unable to ship correctly a valuable good and unable to be responsible for this shipping lying shamelessly to make me loose my opportunity to protect myself against him. (I donīt want to think that he swindles systematically his customers but now Iīm doubting it at least for international buyers). He does not give me the opportunity not even to rate this transaction (Very shrewd. Thatīs how you earn a good rating).

Well, if you have reached this point, thank you for having the patience to read this sad story. I just want to warn you that this fellow is selling several vintage cadillac parts so I wouldīn like that anyone else in this forum have the same sad experience. If anyone has a good tip, in addition of the brilliant solutions ebay has given me, he will be welcome.

07-09-11, 03:32 PM
report him through ebay and also try to get paypal to refund the payment.

Sucks when people aren't trustworthy...take advantage of people who want to use ebay for what it's intended

07-09-11, 03:43 PM
I would open a dispute claim with my bank, claiming a fraudulent charge to my account. Then open a dispute through PayPal's resolution center, siting that you didn't receive your item. PayPal might not help you, being that you bought the item through eBay.

You local police department would have no jurisdiction in the United Stated and the FBI wouldn't investigate anything less than grand larceny ($1,000). The postal service wouldn't be able to help unless the items were insured, and even then, the seller would have to file a lost item claim to get the money back.

If you look through the seller's feedback, they have a history of things getting "lost" in the mail. See May 26, 2011, February 12, 2010, and November 10, 2009. Maybe the seller will with you if you keep trying to contact them.

07-09-11, 03:53 PM
Where is he from? Somebody here must be close to this Cat!

If nothing else one of us could always leave a bag of burning Poo on his door step!

There is a local guy here that sells lots of Caddy stuff. John Gatley 617-445-3300 he lives close to me and if he has what you want I can get it to you if he can't. We are on EST. Best time to call him is between 11 AM and 6 pm weekdays.

He has a junk yard he strips parts at and a warehouse full of the stuff he pulled.

07-09-11, 04:17 PM
Start a dispute with Paypal immediately. If you funded by credit card (and you always should), start a chargeback with your credit card company.

07-09-11, 06:59 PM
Start with Paypal... They are a lot better now then they were years ago... You tell paypal the whole story, don't leave anything out, and I bet you will get your money back in your paypal account...you can open a ebay dispute... don't worry about the 45 days if it has been more, they can overide that...

07-09-11, 08:47 PM
Both the 69 and 70 steering wheels are unique. 70's are rather tougher to come by. Sucks that you got cheated. Definitely report him.

07-09-11, 09:17 PM
Paypal will be able to help if he is not a fly by nighter. If Paypal makes a judgement against him he will not be able to use that Paypal account anymore and will have to open another one. People can't do that too many times. I got ripped off by a guy doing just that. How many bank accounts and credit cards can a guy have? Go ahead and post his address too. If somebody is close by maybe we can harrass him a little.

07-09-11, 09:35 PM
I purchased a 1970 Cadillac Foot Rest RH LH Complete set RED Chrome (#160413395208) through Ebay from the same seller and I too would advise giving this guy a miss.

The article attracted only one bid and I got it for a song.

The postage charge was wayyyy over the top but overall I was happy with the total.

Was taking far too long to arrive and each time i contacted the seller the story changed.

Got close to the 45 day cutoff point and I figured (even though I tried to give benefit of the doubt) I was getting played.

I reported it to Ebay and got a full refund.

IMHO this guy figured he didn't get enough money for the parts so he tried to get me to back out of the sale by stitching me up on the postage and when I still wanted to go through with the sale he just jerked me around and blatantly lied to me.

Overall thumbs up to Ebay for the refund and STAY WELL AWAY from autoparts-resource .

07-09-11, 10:07 PM
^Top of page 15, under "Feedback as a seller." It took him six months to respond to your feedback, and he gave you the same generic excuse; it got "lost" in international shipping. I wouldn't be surprised if most of his global sales have suffered the same fate.

07-10-11, 03:27 PM
I remember when looking for stuff on ebay, many ebay sellers mentioned that they stopped shipping to some countries (there was a list, that also included Spain), because they received many complaints from people that say they didn't receive the items they purchased. Probably some goods just get stopped at the border, and don't make past it.

07-11-11, 10:30 AM
Thank you all guys, for your support and tips. Everyday I can check this is a great forum with great members.

Last week I sent an e-mail to ebay -just for the record, as they told me that they could not do any more and no dispute can be open- explaining all the details about this transaction. Today I contacted Paypal. The agent opened a dispute so theyīve sent a message to the seller asking him to prove that the item was received (what he wonīt be able to do) withing a specified period (I think they said 10 days). If he does not answer, they will refund my money but I must await some e-mail they can send me asking additional info. In a maximum 30 day period the dispute must be solved. The paypal agent has adviced me not to contact with the seller by the moment; they will inform me about the process advance.

I did not know that Alby had also a similar problem with him. Iīm glad you reacted in time and got refunded. Iīm very suspicious he never sent me a tracking, as this is an international transaction, not just a love letter. I bought 16 Items from US ebay sellers and had no problem -they use to send me the USPS tracking- so if there was a problem with customs I can go straight to the International packet central of Spanish postal service to locate packet and problem. At least, now there is a chance that the case is solved in my favor.

The sellerīs name is Ronny Blanchard and he is located in Portland, OR 97236. I have no more details; Portland is not a huge city so if someone lives there probably have no big trouble to some day find him. Letīs wait until Paypal close the dispute and hope I will be refunded.

Iīll keep you posted ;) and KEEP AWAY FROM AUTOPARTS-RESOURCE

07-11-11, 01:48 PM
Again, if you funded Paypal from your credit card, call you card and start a chargeback. That will get Paypal working reallllll fast ;)

07-11-11, 02:55 PM
Again, if you funded Paypal from your credit card, call you card and start a chargeback. That will get Paypal working reallllll fast ;)

Thanks for the tip, Jay. The fund source for Paypal was my bank account but Iīll remember it for next times. Just one doubt: If you directly charge back your card before resolution, Would this make me have problems with Paypal?

07-11-11, 04:11 PM
I remember when looking for stuff on ebay, many ebay sellers mentioned that they stopped shipping to some countries (there was a list, that also included Spain), because they received many complaints from people that say they didn't receive the items they purchased. Probably some goods just get stopped at the border, and don't make past it.

I have made many purchases from the US both through Ebay and online stores of the companies involved and had no other problems...

This guy had a new story every time we had contact and it became obvious he was making them up as we went along.

I have noticed some sellers just plain won't sell internationally (one guy telling me it was "difficult" to post to Australia, which is not true) and while it is their right, it can be frustrating when it is after all me that is footing the postage bill.

Sometimes I have had to contact sellers in advance to get them to agree on postage to OZ....

At the end of the day I was just disappointed to not get the parts....

07-11-11, 04:33 PM
Itīs sad that some sellers do not sell internationally, as there are some items that can not be found easily through other international sellers or at a high cost but at least they warn it beforehand. Today I received another order form another ebay seller. It just took 7 days -as usual- to arrive by USPS; the day he shipped it I received the tracking. I think itīs not so difficult if you follow USPS rules and directions.

07-11-11, 04:59 PM
I agree that some people are just lazy/uninformed. Since I am in Canada, I have dealt with all this stuff, as well. USPS (and Canada Post) is reliable, reasonably fast, and cheap. The only extra is filling out a little customs tag when shipping internationally.

07-11-11, 06:50 PM
As someone who has shipped things all over the world (Canada, Saudi Arabia, Spain, New Zealand, ect.), I can understand some seller's unwillingness to ship internationally. Being that international packages goes through so many hands, there are so many opportunities for them to get lost or broken or held up in customs. Sometimes when it leaves the country, the tracking information goes dead, and you have no idea where it is for weeks (you only know that it was received when the person doesn't come after you for a refund). Fortunately, I've never had a package get lost or damaged, but it could happen, and I really don't look forward to arguing with someone on the other side of the planet.

07-29-11, 07:58 AM
Hello guys,

Just an update about this issue: After a case was opened by Paypal, they gave the seller 10 days to prove that I had received item. He did not answer so last friday I received a notification, saying that the case was solved in my favor, so the amount I paid ($ 171,5) was charged to the seller and credited into my Paypal account, what I checked today.

As you said, Paypal solved the problem even when more than 45 days passed after payment, what means to me that Paypal is a reliable way of paying a transaction as they give you additional guarantee that itīs correctly closed.

Thank you all for your advice and support :)

07-29-11, 08:42 AM
nice! glad you got your money back. too bad you didn't get the item, though :)

07-29-11, 09:34 AM
Id love to see the guys face when he gets the email saying he owes 171 bucks.

07-29-11, 11:49 AM
@ csbuckn: Id love it too :D This time his trick did not work. At least E-bay, Paypal and forum members are warned against him.

@outsider: Iīm looking for another '70 wheel again. Iīve asked to the junkyard who sold me the differential but no definite answer yet if they have one in an acceptable condition.

07-29-11, 12:20 PM
Does color matter? If not, I heard there's a 70 Cadillac at a junkyard near me (never even knew the junkyard exists) that I could probably try to get for you.

07-29-11, 02:01 PM
Does color matter? If not, I heard there's a 70 Cadillac at a junkyard near me (never even knew the junkyard exists) that I could probably try to get for you.

Iīm still awaiting for an answer from this seller but itīs a week since I got news from him. Iīll give him another week but otherwise, itīs good to know you have one located. '70 steering wheel is the same for every car of that year: Black with a veneer insert on the rim. Some parts of the veneer in most of wheels are missing but that would be no problem, as we know someone here that could restore it. The most important part is the center one ("T" shape) with horn buttons working. Thatīs the main purpose of having another wheel: Making horn work by buttons on it instead of a button under the dash -When I push it I canīt see the road:noidea:-

If these guys do not answer, Iīll tell you; it would be great you could get it for me. Thanks a lot for your offer, man. :)

07-30-11, 07:05 PM
At last the seller has answered me. He sent me two pics but it has 2 crackings in its black plastic rim (wood insert is toast as supposed), burned by sun and center pad missing. He asks me $75 for this wheel + $50 for another center pad he thinks will be in fair condition after cleaning. Shipping price not included. I think itīs too much for this condition, so Iīll go on looking for another.

@outsider: Could you visit that junkyard you mentioned in your last post to check if steering wheel is in fair condition, price... as you kindly offered? :) I tried to send you a private message but now I donīt know how to do it. (Maybe procedure has been changed :noidea:)

07-30-11, 07:17 PM
New info about this issue. The scoundrel who tried to swindle me with the steering wheel is selling again THE SAME ITEM!. Pics match perfectly with the ones I downloaded months ago!: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1969-70-Cadillac-steering-wheel-OEM-/160620705931?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessorie s&hash=item2565bd788b

I have reported the item but e-bay donīt let you explain freely the cause. You have to choose from a list that most time do not match. I hope they ask me for more info.

I think this pickpocket considered the price of the bid ($101) was too low, so he tried to keep the price of item + shipping ($69)and sell it again to another buyer. Incredible!:mad:

Be very careful with autoparts-resource!

07-30-11, 08:29 PM
^Now he has it available to the US only.

07-30-11, 09:42 PM
I'd offer you the 70 wheel I'm currently using on my 69. but I don't know when I'll get the car back to have the interior (including original 69 wheel) restored! :lol:

07-31-11, 08:14 AM
@sven914: When he first offered the wheel in a bid, it was the same: US only but I asked him if it could be shipped to Spain. He answered me so, adding $69 of shipping costs.

@77CDV: Thanks for your offer. Thatīs great. Maybe when you have your car again with you Iīll still looking for a '70 wheel :lol:

07-31-11, 08:37 AM
Double post

cadillac kevin
07-31-11, 09:23 AM
theres a 70 or 71 caddy CDV at the junkyard I go to. I'll check the year and if its a '70 and still has the wheel, I'll grab it for you. does it need to have all the wood on the wheel (since it likes to fall off)?

07-31-11, 12:30 PM
It does not need to have wood ok. Most important thing is center pad is ok and black plastic rim is not cracked. I think '71s are compatible too according to Parts Catalog manual. Horn worked by pressing center pad. '71s color was keyed with dash, so plastic rim can be black or any color. Thanks you for your help :) Let me know what you get ;)

cadillac kevin
08-01-11, 12:21 AM
I went to the junkyard today- someone took the steering wheel (and most of the interior) since the last time I was there. sorry :(

08-01-11, 05:15 AM
I went to the junkyard today- someone took the steering wheel (and most of the interior) since the last time I was there. sorry :(

Bad news. Thank you for going to the junkyard to have a look :). Letīs see if outsider is luckier with junkyard close to his home.