: Tune up on '95 Fleetwood...what does everyone suggest/recommend for plugs/cap,etc?

07-08-11, 06:43 PM
I want to do the tune-up on my '95 Fleetwood. Can anyone recommend what they used and had good luck with? Thanks.

07-08-11, 07:34 PM
AC Delco plugs. Regular, platinum, or double plats if you can afford them. Don't do the cap and rotor unless there is something wrong with the opti already.

07-08-11, 08:07 PM
41-906 a/c plugs

07-10-11, 06:55 PM
I need to do the cap too. The car never had a tune-up so I want to do everything.

07-11-11, 06:54 AM
doesn't hurt if you have the money

07-11-11, 09:48 AM
don't forget the fuel filter :hide:

07-11-11, 10:38 AM
Which cap do you recommend?

07-12-11, 03:31 PM
Best caps are the brass post ones, but GM used alum and they do survive. I like to take mine out and clean up periodically and replace the Opti seals while I am there.

I would look at the NGK Iridium plus, look for a set of TR5IX's, they are OEM on my 2000 Park Ave Ultra and survive well in supercharged applications. They are OEM under AC Delco part number 41-101 and will work great in the LT1.