: 3rd Brake light not working

07-08-11, 07:28 AM
Does anyone have a diagram of the 3rd Brake wiring for the V? I took the car in for a light conversion a while ago and they disconnected it. Since then I took it back to have it redone, they cant seem to figure it out and said its the module that sends signal thats not working...the wiring is fine (according to them). I took it to the dealer for the tie rod repair and they tested the module. It was fine. They didnt have time to look at the whole thing. So maybe this weekend I'll check it out myself and see how I can get my third brake light to work again. Im not sure if there is a specific fuse I need to look for or how this light is set up to work. Any info would help. Thanks guys!

07-08-11, 07:39 AM
Pull the carpet piece and look to make sure it's even plugged in. The third brake light has a plug that plugs into the wiring harness so it can be removed. When I removed mine it wasn't the easiest to put back together if I recall, perhaps they didn't get it back, or they pinched a wire. It's only two wires going to it so it's pretty easy to trace and see where it goes.

07-08-11, 07:56 AM
Got it, its pissing me off cuz I took it to the people who screwed it up and paid them an extra $100 dollars to get it fixed. They keep saying its the module and to get it working it needs to be reset. Well now that I know the module is working theyre just giving me BS. So I'll go get a refund and say thanks but no thanks. Ill try to get it to work myself.

07-19-11, 07:31 AM
Anyone know where I can get the schematics or diagram for third barake light wiring? Theres probably a break somewhere so I need to see where the wire runs before I start tearing stuff apart.