: For those that use Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus all season tires....

Cub Cadet
07-07-11, 03:38 PM
What size tires did you go with? Since this is again a "round shoulder" tire, I cannot go with the stock size (255-40-19 and 285-35-19) since I would be unhappy with how they look.

Does anyone have larger sizes (wider mainly) of this tire on their car and have pictures? In order for me to actually like these, I would have to go at least one or two sizes wider. This is to remove the illusion that the stock size "looks" like it isn't as wide as the wheel itself. I have always been unhappy with the stock Michelin's because of this. I also dislike them for other reasons, but it is mainly just the round shoulder that is DEFINITELY not my taste. I need an all season tire since I do drive mine in the snow and ice... also do not want a second set of wheels/tires, and I hear that the Hankooks are not made to go in the snow... I love the Hankook tire though!!

Looks like I would be stuck with these to get any wider than stock since this is all that is offered by Michelin:
275-30-19 would be the next widest for the fronts
285-30-19 would be the next widest for the rears