View Full Version : Any update on the mobile version of the site?

07-06-11, 02:41 AM
I understand that a forum change/update or whatever it was just over a year ago was the cause of the mobile version of the site. I've learned, some what, to live with the change. However, it is very annoying that there is a huge Ad that must always pop-up during any page load. It's annoying in more than one way. Most of the time its not even a Cadillac ad, it's from other car manufactures. The other reason for is annoyance is the fact that it only starts to load 10 or so seconds into the page load. And it takes up a good part of the screen. It also self adjust to zoom ins and outs. There is an "X" at the bottom right corner of it, but it's as if you need a needle to touch it. Or else you'll be hitting the link to the ad Behind it.

I understand ads are needed to support this wonderful forum. But making it more user friendly would be greatly appreciated.

Also, there are times that there is an ad off to the right side. Which makes the page load at 60% normal size. Meaning it has to show itself, the ad, all the way to the right. But this only happens every now and then. So of course I need to zoom in to be able to read the topics of the forum I am reading.

I look forward to any updates, and possibility to get the mobile version of the web site back.

Thank you,


07-06-11, 04:50 PM
tapatalk is a very good mobile solution. I like it better than the old mobile skin.