: tcc solenoid

07-05-11, 11:50 PM
does anybody know where i can buy a tcc solenoid for a 2000 sts? and how long it would take to actually change it one day at a shop so i have a time amount i can tell my boss. i dont wanna make this over a 1 day job and i have read up all about replacing it with just removing the side cover. please let me know guys. thanks

07-06-11, 12:08 AM
The Solenoid? Available at rockauto.com, price is about $45.

To change it? You'll have a hard time doing it in only 1 day, to get to the solenoid (which sits under the siede cover) the complete engine cradle has to at a minimum be lowered about 12" to be able to get the side cover off. Reread the posts covering how to lower the cradle, and get the necessary threaded rods and nuts.

Otherwise, it's trans removal time.