: Logic says buy a NEW V

07-05-11, 07:50 PM
I sure didn't think I would, as I have told some of you I'm on the fence of a V or a GT 40 replica. Didn't think I could have my cake and eat it too. As you know, a GT 40 purchase only makes sense as a cash purchase, but currently Caddy has 1.9% financing. Since I followed Blue Book on the CTS-V for a 2009, (8) quarters of depreiciation followed by 2 quarters of appreciation. The lowest a 2009 V got was 6 months ago at around $41K. The latest KBB is $50K, that is up $9K in the last 6months. My intention was to get the GT 40 now, and when the V dropped to around the low 30's by 2013, then buy. KBB says that isn't going to happen, and with a "deal" price of $62K for a new one with new 1.9% financing, vs a used 2009 for a cash price, well like the topic header says, "Logic says buy a new V". My local dealer is checking other dealers lots now to find mine.

07-05-11, 08:38 PM
they are asking 50k for a 2009? offer em 40 and settle at 45ish. i wouldn't buy a new one for the 20k price difference, but that's just me. 3.9 is everywhere on used cars (i have it) and just don't see the savings.

It's your money tough, buy it and enjoy it.

07-05-11, 08:54 PM
No offer made, that is Kelly Blue Book, and my main point is after just 8 quarters (2 years) the 2009 CTS-V is climbing in value. I knew it was going to be a future collectable, but would not of guessed it would start appreciation after 2 years from new.

07-05-11, 09:51 PM
Before you conclude have you checked eBay or other source to see what actual prices are being paid for 09 Vs?

07-05-11, 10:00 PM
I have been checking eBay since the 2009s first started showing up. For the first 2 years during depreciation, sellers were getting close to the common split between wholesale and retail. Last 6 months, the sellers are not getting this same split because buyers are slow to adjust to KBB when a new car starts appreicating because it normally just doesn't happen.

07-05-11, 10:34 PM
I don't know which way prices are going, but I do know that new you pay the GG tax, used you don't. Used you don't take the initial depreciation, but new you get the full warranty, scheduled maintenance and the original dealer to hammer on if things go wrong. New you have certainty that you are not dealing with a modded-then-restored car. For some guys it just makes more sense to go new, for others it makes more sense to go used. You probably already know which one you are, so make it happen- either way you're gonna love the car.

07-06-11, 12:22 AM
Because of the fast turn around from dep to app, I am for the new. I've only driven the 405 hp pre 2009 V. I liked how it performed even though rather slow, and when pushed hard in 1st gear would get some nasty wheel hop. I know I will feel the extra 151 hp, but compared to my current (and I'm keeping it) fun car, the new V will feel slow. I've seen the 1/4 mile times some of you guys are posting, so I'll accept that with enough hp, even a 4300 lb car can match my 1790 lb car. I have no intention of any mods period. If I want to go fast, climb into the Track-T, if I want total comfort in a responsive car, then slide into the V. Makes sense to me.

07-06-11, 01:19 AM
Generally, itvis difficult to offset the first year of depreciation hit on new with any savings in interest rate program.

07-06-11, 02:16 AM
Generally, itvis difficult to offset the first year of depreciation hit on new with any savings in interest rate program.

I agree, and on any other new car it would make me consider late model used, but this car's depreciation only runs for 2 years before it turns around, I repeat, I've never seen this, even on a new 65 AC Cobra, which didn't reverse depreciation for around 7 years, 2 years into the dropped compression models of Detroit, 1971~72, whereas collectors realized by that time the high water mark for Detroit performance was 1970. This Caddy is doing a turn around in 2 years. Think hard folks, have you ever seen that before? I haven't.