View Full Version : Towing experience article

07-04-11, 10:50 PM
I don't think I've seen anyone post this article before:


It doesn't sound very good. (Woe if you're lowered, like some of you are.)

07-04-11, 11:51 PM
Wow! That's another reason why I carry a jack and a full-sized (speed rated too) spare.

07-05-11, 10:25 AM
Lucky we have one tow company that we always use and they are great with lowered vettes, 911's etc. They even recently did a perfect job on a slammed z06 with a carbon front lip. I just some guys just hate there job or are mainly repo guys.

Richard MacGregor
07-05-11, 10:32 AM
Thanks for this article. No one cares about your car like you do and certainly not a bozo on a tow truck whose personal vehicle is a rusted 79 Dodge pick-up truck.

Potholes create a whole new dynamic to the driving experience as do low ride heights and low pro tires. I don't have a V but do have a Corvette Z06 and I lowered it and inch. I can feel your pain!