: Gas Milage Questions

07-04-11, 08:14 PM
I've got a couple of easy gas milage questions and I am hopeful you folks can help me. Let me first state that I KNOW I bought an SRX, not a SMART Car. That said, I might as well
try to get the best milage as possible.

1. With the 2010 Turbo SRX 2.8, it states "premium fuel only". Granted 87 is NOT "premium", but is 89 considered it OR is 91 the only gas option?
2. Can someone please explain the ECO button. I understand its suppose to increase your gas milage, but does it work? If so, how?

Thanks everyone!

07-04-11, 11:43 PM
91 is the only fuel that is Premium. 89 is MidGrade. The compy won't like you for midgrade fuel. (less mileage)

Now, for the ECO mode, as per Page 9-29 of the Owner's Manual...
Fuel Economy Mode
The vehicle may have a fuel economy mode. When engaged, fuel economy mode can improve the vehicle's fuel economy.
Pressing the eco button by the shift lever will engage fuel economy mode. When activated, the eco light in the instrument cluster will come on. See Fuel Economy Light on page 5‑27. Pressing the button a second time will turn fuel economy mode off.
When fuel economy mode is on:
. The transmission will upshift sooner, and downshift later.
. The torque converter will lock up sooner, and stay on longer.
. The gas pedal will be less sensitive.
. The vehicle's computers will more aggressively shut off fuel
to the engine under deceleration.