: Weekend Maintence - 4th of July

07-04-11, 05:13 PM
So, what did you get done over the long weekend?

Today, I pumped in 4 quarts of M1 syn ATF and, wow, what a difference. makes a huge mess over the pass side exhaust, though. nothing some brake cleaner can't clean up, but, still.. was not expecting that. thankfully, the drain pan picked it up.


Shifting is so much smoother and quicker with this over the stock stuff (34k). Takes away some of the notchy-ness of the B&M short shifter. what are you using? and, at what mileage are you changing? I was going to use Amsoil, but the M1 is just so much easier to find on the shelf at your local parts place. It went up in price, though, to $9.59/qt. I thought this was $7.99 when I first bought the car and was going to change all fluids/filters but just didn't get to this one.

I figured since this is only fluid other than power steering that hasn't been changed yet since I've owned it (3/2010, 24k), I wanted to change it out.

all other fluids are stock, but have been changed over the 10k that I've owned it due to various repairs under CPO or I did them.

so, what are you using, and what intervals are you doing for each?
motor oil? 3k, 5k or following the oil %?

Hope you had a great 4th weekend!

07-04-11, 05:42 PM
motor oil - I follow the % or after a track day (always using Castrol 5w30)
trans - after every 3 track days or like every 10k mi (amsoil)
diff - after every 3 track days or like every 10k mi (amsoil)
brake - after every track day or like every 10k mi (whatever DOT 4 I can find)
steering - only ever topped it off
clutch - I check/replace it constantly (I use the DOT 4 brake fluid)

07-04-11, 06:17 PM
You have to bleed out the clutch fluid as just sucking the reservoir dry and refilling it doesn't replace the fluid in the slave.

07-04-11, 06:55 PM
I got the brake fluid in mine flushed out thanks to the new Motive Power Bleeder I got. It was a brake day Saturday in my garage as we flushed mine and did pads/rotors/flush on my buddies 335i in preparation for his first track day in a couple weeks.

Also got my iPod adapter in, CTS armrest swapped, and ridded my rear window of the OnStar antenna since it's still the old analog system and I added the Galaxy1000.

07-04-11, 08:33 PM
I got a lot done on my V as well. Flushed out the brakes with some new Super Blue, flushed out the power steering with Amsoil, and changed the transmission fluid with Amsoil.

I also blacked out the tail lights and painted the grill with plastidip.


I know the car is filthy but it's been sitting in the garage now for over a month waiting on headlights and wheels.

07-05-11, 08:15 AM
6 qts Mobil 1, 5W-30 and Amsoil Ea032 filter.

Still breaking in my Katech LS9 clutch.

07-05-11, 09:22 AM
Started out with a diff fluid exchange from unknown to Amsoil 75w90 with locker additive and DEI heat shielding on the exhaust near the rear end. Whine significantly reduced.:cool:

Performed the "tight garage" mod on the underside of the drivers door while rolling off the ramps. :nono:

Installed DMH cutouts on existing cutout flanges and wired the switch on the seat.:sneaky:

Replaced the stock sub with a stout Elemental Designs E8A 8" sub. Currently wired to stock amp at 2 ohms. Deciding on what I'm going to use to power it.

Took the shock spacers out of the package, looked at some pictures of them installed, and then realized I didn't have my jack with me. Next weekend :annoyed: