: my new srx

canada g
07-04-11, 11:07 AM
I picked my new srx last thursday. For me my first GM product.
For the moment I'm satisfied. I took the luxury package with hitch and it has the white color.

I have some questions.
I set the memory for the driver seats and when I leave the car the seats slides back. when I reenter the car it do not slides back to the setted position. What did I do wrong?
Also I hate the triple horn when I close the door. Is this a wrong setting? how to fix it?
I have in the trunk the cargo fixation kit. is there a place to store it? Seems to be no place under the cover? (I have the spare tire)
How to set homelink? I think i will do a search for that.

that's all for the moment.
A nice car....


Smokin' SRX
07-04-11, 12:22 PM
Congrats again on the SRX!

quick answer: Seats......you did nothing wrong. You must press and hold the Memory Button (1 or 2) on seat, till cycle completes and seat/mirror pre-sets are reached. Not automatic return to pre- sets, unless you set Memory Seat Recall, under Vehicle Personalization menu Then seats/mirrors etc, WILL return to your pre-sets when you press the Remote's Unlock button. But you haven't gotten in yet and I find that uncomfortable. So I press Memory button on seat AFTER I'm seated. (turn off Memory Seat Recall in menu!)

3 toots on the horn means you left a Remote inside the car! Anyone can then walk over and press Start to drive away........ Don't recall if that can be turned off in Menu..have to check.

Someone here had a way to store the Cargo Rails in cargo area, even with the spare tire. Cannot recall/find right now.

Homelink is tricky but spelled out nicely in steps, within Owners Manual.


canada g
07-04-11, 01:47 PM
ok you're right, the second key was still in the car in the handglove compartiment

-memory seats i will take a look at that.


07-04-11, 10:32 PM
This post reminds me . . I have a similar question:

Two people in the SRX, both have an FOB. I get out to pump gas, with one FOB in pocket, 2nd FOB is still in car.

Horn blows 3 times . . (I thought I read the SRX will detect that only one of 2 has been removed and understand that someone is still in the car?)

Then, as I begin to pump gas, the horn blows one time to lock the doors. Sure, I like that most of the time, but not when I just stepped out to get gas, and passenger is still sitting inside?

Is that normal?

Smokin' SRX
07-05-11, 12:26 AM
yes, with Keyless Access option. Leave them both in car*( with window down to be sure!) and it will not lock, but may honk? Or press UNLOCK on dash with a door open for several seconds. This prduces a one time bypass of the feature.