: Need help with doors and DIC

07-04-11, 08:32 AM
First of all Happy Fourth to every on that is reading my post today. I am not cooking so I am working out some issues on the car.

1: My doors will not close all the time. Some times I can slam them and they will close but most of the time they will not click past the first catch. What in the world could be causing this does any one have a clue?

2: When I purchased the car the A/C was blowing from the defrost and the radio/dic is blank...dead. SO I put a fuse in number 11 or 17 I think it is and it powered up and started giving me info. I changed the a/c controls and then pop the fuse blows. There is a lot of power going to that fuse and will pop any fuse you put there. I did read that grounds can cause this issue but I am not sure. Again if anyone can provide a clue to these two issues my trip to the shop will be so much easier.

Oh and the fuses 17 and 18 have constant power even while the car is off and the head unit has power going to it even with the fuse removed. Seems strange because the car is not on but I tested for power and it has it but does not come on unless the fuse is replaced.

07-04-11, 01:54 PM
.....and while at it any clue why while driving it to get gas I hit a bump and the car started to sputter and turned off. It is getting fuel and turning over strong but....will not start.

07-06-11, 01:59 PM
1: My doors will not close all the time. Some times I can slam them and they will close but most of the time they will not click past the first catch. What in the world could be causing this does any one have a clue?

Recently working on the inside of both doors on an '87 prompts an answer to #1.

My passenger door was doing the same thing. I initially thought it was the striker adjustment, but before I loosened it I noticed that the lubricate on the door lock mechanism was all dried up. With the door panels off it's a cinch to re-lube. I used an "acid brush" with white lube to coat the parts. Opening and closing the door a few times corrected the problem. Note: I didn't adjust the striker. It was left untouched.

With the door panel on it might be possible to use a can of white lube spray to get at the door lock mechanism. You might find that there is a small plastic cover attached to the door lock mechanism (My driver's door lock mechanism didn't have this cover.) which may hamper the re-lube process.

Good luck.

07-06-11, 02:32 PM
Thanks that may be the solution to that issue because it makes good sense. Now if I could just at last get the car started again. Seems like the fuses, fuel and everything is working but car will not fire up and all after just hitting a bump in the road. I have an appointment with the mechanic next week Friday and would like that to be fixed so he can focus on my electrical issues and shocks.

Right now I am leaning towards the tps and Crank position sensors ( Hall effect switch). Reason being when purchasing the car the guy told me the bogging down issue was the Crank Position Sensor. My brother told me it could be the TPS. I am thinking when hitting that big bump it may have knocked one of them out and caused this issue.

07-08-11, 06:50 PM
Have any of you had a VATS issue? If so what symptoms did the car exibit? Does the security light always link in the Allante before starting? Some help would be appreciated....thanks.

I will say I put a fuels in the radio slot just to see if I could get a reading and it said wait 2 minutes.....then the fuse popped. What did it mean by wait 2 minutes

07-09-11, 12:26 PM
the wait 2 minutes message has something to do with security. i have no idea why your fuse is popping.
do you know how to run on board diagnostics? this is a very useful first step in diagnosing issues. Allante Source is also a great source for advice and parts

07-09-11, 08:42 PM
Thx but with the fuse popping I have nothing to see....I'll keep at it and see.

07-14-11, 03:19 PM
This update is for those that come along in the future and will no doubt have to rely on searches for answers. As of now my climate display is working after I removed the stereo control unit thing behind the glove box. For how long? Who knows. Secondly my issue was because my rotor had broken loose over the bump from not being screwed down and also I found that a ground strap was not applied to the coil. This will cause the car to turn over strong but will not fire.