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10-17-04, 03:33 PM
My brother and I just picked this car up at an Auction for my mother. Spark plugs, radiator flushed, new battery, full tune up, and oil change. My brother did all the work but she is 1000 miles from us and we were only there for the weekend and as we were getting back home called with these problems that occured after we left. My brother did tell her to get the tranny flushed this week since he couldn't do it. Has 134,000 miles on it but looks beautiful. PROBLEM, the idle is acting up and Today when taking it around the block she lost all power and couldn't brake. Finally it stopped and it started again. Then she lost power again. But its back running. The trunk didn't want to close and took a while after pressing the buttons in the trunk in on the trunk door.

Question, do anyone have any idea what it could be? The engine is good and so is the tranny. She was told to take it in to a Cadillac dealer to have it hooked up to the machine to see what problems there might be. Any other suggestions or thoughts? I would so greatly appreciate it.

10-21-04, 07:57 AM
Flushing the transmission is neither necessary or a recommend procedure.

Changing the transmission fluid is due. The transmission pan needs to be removed and the screens cleaned. While some may reuse the pan gasket, I would recommend replacing it to avoid any leaks.

The gasket is made of a steel shim with a double silicone bead on each side. Over time, heat and compression of the gasket by the bolts, the gasket loses some of it resiliency to seal. When replacing the gasket, all surfaces need to be clean and dry, NO GASKET SEALER of any kind.

For the other problems you need to get the error codes and post them, to give us an idea of what may be going on with the cars system.

1. Have a pen and paper ready to copy down some numbers.

2. Turn the key on (no need to start), and wait for the system monitor to complete.

3. Press and hold the Off and Warmer buttons, until the the lights at the bottom of the instrument panel all come on (about 5 seconds or so) then release the buttons.

4. Copy the codes that get displayed. They will be 4 digit values.

5. When complete press the Auto button to exit the diagnostic mode.