: Time to part ways with the V

07-03-11, 12:46 AM
Hey guys,

It has been three great years and I cannot say enough great things about my V, probably one of the best cars I have ever owned. I have thought spent some time making this decision and have decided that is it time to part ways with my V. Just wanted to ask your guys suggestion on a few things, its an 05 stealth Grey with 55k. My question is if I should put the car back to stock, I do not have major work done just the basics: exhaust, coilovers, and sway. Also I have rims wondering if I should just sell it with the stocks or the aftermarket rims. Also, what should my asking price be?

Thanks in advance for the input

07-03-11, 08:25 AM
If you decide to sell with the stock rims let me know. I am interested in buying your aftermarket wheels