: newer ext

07-02-11, 05:28 PM
I have a 2003 EXt that i love,only 73,000 miles, blue.Im looking into buying a newer model---im disappointed though they only make them in silver,white and black, mostly black.Id like a red one or blue,but looking for 3 weks have found 2 blue and 3 red---the newest being 2008--can you guystell me when was the last year for blue or red--and im curious, the Avalanche is made in the same factory, is there a way to get an EXT in an Avalanche color ?/Im in my 60s and when i bought my first car i was able to buy a color that that car didnt come in for 100 bucks--thanks for any help/tips on cars being avilable--ive used autotrader and cars.com so far

07-03-11, 06:46 PM
In 2009 they had a special order EXT in Sonoma Red. I test drove a used one at a dealer in Houston back in February 2011. Very attractive color. If the dealer hadn't been so proud of his price I would have bought it. There may be someone on this board that can find the exact number produced in red.

07-11-11, 11:19 AM
thanks--BTW there are 2 reds sitting in Houston right now