: 2011 SRX Exaust Soot

07-02-11, 03:54 PM
My wife and I just bough a new 2011 SRX4 in December 2010 and it has 2200 miles on it. When cleaning it I noticed that it had excessive black, oily soot on the chrome exhaust tips and the inside tail pipes. It makes this sooty mess even after 20 miles or so. I haven't noticed that it is using oil (I'm going to start watching it), but I don't believe a brand new engine (with all of the smog equipment) should burn that dirty. My wife took it back to the dealer for the recall and mentioned about the soot problem. The tech told her after checking it (not sure what they did) it was perfectly tuned and running great. I'm wondering if anyone else is getting this same soot on the tailpipe. I've had a number of new vehicles in the past few years (both Fords and Chryslers) and the tailpipes were clean even after thousands of miles.

Also does anyone know about the track on the floor of the cargo area and what device goes in the track and where to purchase?

Thanks, Gary

07-02-11, 08:34 PM
I get that too. I'll bet we all do. Some owners (including me) are just more fastidious than others. If you'll notice, the chrome tip is NOT the actual tail pipe. That chrome tip is a completely separate part, with space between it and the actual tail pipe. I believe this is why soot is more prone to accumulate there. Think about this for a minute. Attach a piece of metal just behind the exhaust pipe of any car. Leave it there 24/7 and then see if you don't get black soot on it too.


07-02-11, 10:54 PM
Gary: you purchased your 2011 SRX new, right? The cargo management system is standard on the luxury models and above; looks like the dealer stripped it off your car. If that was me, I would demand they provide it no charge. Waiting 7 months to say something is not going to help your case, though. However, if you bought the base model I believe the cargo rail system is optional and available from your dealer.

Smokin' SRX
07-03-11, 12:40 AM
Welcome to GEDecker5394 !

Indeed. mm9351 is correct in that if the brochure or website (Caddy.com) says it came w/ yours demand it. I have a 2010 so I cannot say.

Very little soot on my tips. Constantly in garage (temp controlled) if not driving. Do you drive local or highway? Garage or out at nite?

Pls add data to your Profile such as model ,eng,options, so we may better interpret your queries/inputs. THX!


07-03-11, 11:14 AM
Welcome! Mine also gets a bit of soot..but I have found that not letting it idle for long helps...and, it seems to burn cleaner using Sinclair premium.

07-03-11, 11:28 AM
Gary, did you look for the cargo rail in the hidden trunk compartment, mine was under there when I took delivery . Frank