: Kumho tires sidewalls cracking anyone ever deal with this issue before?

07-02-11, 12:12 PM
i got some kumho tires on my truck this is the 3rd set i bought for it they keep cracking on the sidewalls wtf gives maybe its time for me to go another brand or what? anyone ever had this happend to them? :mad:

07-02-11, 01:53 PM
Do you have asanti rims? Might as well gone with some top dollar pirellis. I have 24 inch nexens on my yukon and so far so good. Not to great on rain but there like half of what pirellis cost and I think the biggest is 24 for nexen. I think im 10k miles into them and there holding up. I havent put rims on my ext yet but so far im going to stick with nexen unless I do go up to 26s plus its allwheel drive so it should out do my yukon in the rain.

07-03-11, 11:35 AM
I had the custom built Vogue tires and they had cracks on the side walls. I got new tires, not because of the cracks but because I wanted an all terrain tire. I did ask the tire installer and sale rep at discount tire if I should have been concern about the cracks and they said no.

07-04-11, 01:46 AM
Cracks on the sidewall are no good...

Check the age of the tire and mention how many Miles / yrs you owned the tires. I have NEVER had any cracked tires on my vehicles. they lead to punctures and if i am driving possibily death.

If you have cracks on the thread side, you may ignore them for a while, but not too long. Side walls should be changed IMMEDIATELY.

A typical life cycle of a normal tire is 35,000mi or 2 yrs. if i get that much out of my tires i am happy.

I have used Goodyears and Hankooks for that many miles and now am tryin out general tires. Had no choice on the generals for they are the only ones with my size 295/50R20...

07-04-11, 05:50 PM
i got some kumho tires on my truck this is the 3rd set i bought for it they keep cracking on the sidewalls wtf gives maybe its time for me to go another brand or what? anyone ever had this happend to them? :mad:

Yeah man... mine did the same thing. Im on my second set of Kumho tires. First set i think it was a lil my fault cuz i ran a lower tire pressure than norm thinkn it would give me a lil bit softer ride... WRONG! it killed my tires at 1 1/2yrs. Still had lots of tread on the tires but the side walls gave out and started cracking. I bought a second pair of Kumhos only cuz i like the tread pattern then I started hearing how others had the same problem with Kumhos. This time the tires have lasted me a lot longer... i make sure the tire pressure is higher. So far no problems but if I have to buy another set of tires cuz of cracking then ill have to switch brands. Also I dont drive my truck as much any more... so she just sits in the garage. I much rather beat up my daily driver and keep my truck low on miles (07 with 38K miles)and cleaner... they always rag on me at work cuz i never drive it when it rains. Dont have to wash it as much I tell them...lol. I just bought a new set of rims and tires for my daily driver and it only cost me $800bucks to me thats way better than a whole new set of tires for the truck(+/- $2K).

Just my 2cents

07-04-11, 09:46 PM
I don't have Kumho tires but I just recently bought some 24' Pirellis. I did some research before I bought and kept finding comments with people having the same issue. I would change brands sounds like it's a pretty common with them tires.

I'm really happy with the Pirellis, they do best in hot dry weather but I been on the highway a few times during some pretty wicked storms with a lot of water on the road and they did really good haven't had any issues so far. They are not meant for snow so I'll take them off in the winter.

07-04-11, 10:10 PM
My daily driver has some Kumhos on it, second set. First set was on the ground for 50,000 and I expect this set will be also. Havent seen any cracks in the sidewalls. Good for you MATCHN_TOYZ, my Cadillac only leaves the garage on nice days as well and I hear about it from everyone!!!!

07-06-11, 06:54 AM
One of the guys at our shop just had a set of kumho replaced for cracking with under 2k miles on them, he sold them and replaced them with Nitto's, they were falling apart, never seen anything like that.

09-02-11, 08:57 AM
Yeah I guess it only happends to under pressure because i was told by kumho there tires are hard tires vs pirellis they make them like that because it almost works as a run flat i was like wtfever im not buying another set but then i got home and i found a full set for $600 installed brand new so said screw it lol I like the thread pattern on it as well now my truck doesnt want to start been sitting for too long because my wife didnt want to drive it with the cracks on the sidewalls fml lol ill get her back up and running and also the tires had less than 10K miles on it before i replaced em the tire shop was like damn there practically new yes i know but oh well im going to charge it to the game and keep it moving thanks everyone for there input.