: DIY: How to replace the glass in a side view mirror

07-02-11, 11:49 AM
So I searched the forum to find how to do this, but I couldnt find one that had pictures and a proper "How-To" on how to replace the side mirror glass only.

Tools required or that make the job a little easier:
Small pliers (Used to pull the connections for the glass heater off the old unit)
Small (very small) flat head screw driver (Used to pop the directional connection apart)
Small plastic style pry bar (pictured below) (use this to help pry the top of the glass forward to help pop it out)

So this is how to do it without breaking it... anymore than it already it is or breaking the housing or other parts. (Oh, and you should wear safety glasses and gloves, broken glass in the eye will ruin your day or week or month)

This is the instructions from the service manual (I have an ALLdata.com account so I just copied it from there):

If you follow the instructions as written above the glass with pop out... I will warn you it honestly feels like your going to break the mirror housing in half when doing this. All I could think to myself was 'great, I'll get the glass out but break the $1000 housing in order to get it out'. However if you tilt the mirror forward like this picture and as its stated in the manual and pull from the top right hand side of the mirror the mirror will pop out. There are 2 tabs and the round center motor mounting clip:

Once out it will look like this:

The mirror attaches to the motor directly in the center with the round clip and with the 2 horizontal tabs that keep the mirror alined properly which is why pulling it from the top corner helps when pulling it off. Honestly the round center motor mount I found to be the strongest of them. The 2 side tabs look to be more of a stabilizer than a holding clip. I labeled the side tabs in this picture:

Now that you have the mirror out you need to disconnect the directional. Use the small flat head screwdriver to open the tabs on the connector and pull the white end out of the black end.

Once you've disconnected the directional use the small pliers to pull the heater connections off the old mirror. Mine where a little stuck (living in the northeast here can make connection left to the outside stick hence the pliers). So just pull those off.

Now that you've recovered from your stoke of pulling out the old glass, you can install the new glass... putting in the is almost just as scary.

To install the new glass connect the 2 heater connections, then the directional. Now the scary part... pushing the new mirror in place. You need to aline the 2 side tabs and the center tab. Once you have them all lined up place your other hand on the front of the housing to apply opposite force as you snap on the new mirror. You need to do this, as the force to install the new mirror feels like it could bend back the mirror the wrong way.
Once you have everything lined up... Push... directly in the center. If you push on the side you will break the new glass. You have to push in the center. Push hard on the glass and on the front of the housing equally. Then suddenly it will snap in place. Clean your fingerprints of the glass and housing and your done. ;)

Any other questions just let me know.

2007 ESV Owner
12-03-11, 10:38 PM
Where did you purchase the mirror glass, from GM or an aftermarket like Amazon or ebay ? My 2007 Escalade ESV has the heated glass and LED turn signal options in it. When one does find the glass is the heating element grid and new frame attached to the new glass. I removed my old glass from it's plastic frame and it appears there is a seal of some kind for the turn signal LED unit. Issues like this are not in the Service Manual, which I have all (3) manuals.

My assumption now is that I will only get a glass with the heating grid atttached and I will have to secure it's original plastic framework, but I am concerned about the small LED housing that attaches with some sort of adhesive gasket.

04-20-14, 02:07 AM
Fml I broke the glass on my mirror tobight :(

Can someone help me figure out which I need? I got a regular 2007 the mirrors fold and work. Its the driverside. The motor didnt adjust so I need a new motor but now I need the damn glass too.

How do I tell if I hav heated mirrors?

Can someone help with a gm #

nevermind found them

15874997 the LH side motor
15874992 the lh side mirror w power folding and turn signal