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07-02-11, 11:14 AM
For years I told myself I would never buy another domestic vehicle again... That changed a month ago when I fell in love with a 2010 SRX with 9,000-miles on it. Again, I love it! The comments I get from other people make writing the checks a little easier! I NEVER thought I'd be a Cadillac owner, but I'm thrilled!

So last night I was driving up north to our family cabin. We drove though some nasty weather, mainly heavy rain and wind.

As we were turning into the property I heard a noise come from the steering wheel column. I only heard it when I was turning way left or right. Needless to say it really bothered me. This morning I took it for a quick test drive and the noise was gone when turning.

So is it my imagination? Has anyone else had this issue? Would it be weather related? My wife thinks it must be something related to driving on the gravel, but it was an odd sound and I swear it came from the column, not the road OR tires. Granted I could be wrong, but before I admit that to her, I'm going to do some research.

Thanks so much!

07-02-11, 11:52 AM
Yes, this is a known issue with some SRXs. It's been covered in length on this forum. I tried finding it for you via the "Search" feature, but couldn't. Basically, the gist of it is there are some vehicles in which the steering columns were insufficiently lubricated. Your local dealer should be aware of this issue and have a Technical Service Bulletin to address it. Below are two DIFFERENT problems you may also want to look out for. These have also been covered extensively on this forum.

Front suspension noise over bumps in cold weather

Fix - Replace the stabilizer bar bushing with the new design bushings. The new bushings will not need to be lubricated with silicon grease.

Bulletin no. 10-03-08-001A

Squeaking noise from front end while turning steering wheel in cold ambient temperatures

Fix - Install new front strut mounts by following updated service replacement procedures found in SI.

Bulletin no. PI0368


07-02-11, 12:00 PM
Found it. Your problem is not related to this recall, but another poster in that thread had the same problem as you. By the way, you should contact Cadillac Customer Service (800-458-8006), give them your VIN and see if your SRX is affected by this recall.


Just took our 2010 in last week for this. We were bringing it in for the power steering hose recall and I noticed a grinding noise when you turn the steering wheel at low speed (this happened once before and went away). It took two days , but they ended up cleaning and lubricating the upper bushings on the front tower struts. The noise is gone...we will see how long it lasts. This is not the same issue as the recall.