View Full Version : 1974 caddy windshiled

07-01-11, 10:34 AM
Hello from Turkey,I have a 74 caddy and my car needs a windshield ,they make it here but it costs around 600 dollars,I wonder if I can find a matching GM car for the same year,I mean there is 74 Chevy impala around ,is its windshield match to the 74 caddy or another GM car????THANKS

07-01-11, 02:50 PM
Find out from a glass shop or wherever you are getting it from. They would know what cars use the same windshield.

07-01-11, 11:23 PM
the windshield "may" be similar to other GM cars. the big problem is if you have a hearse, as the taller commercial glass windshields are much harder to find.