: first exhaust, i think i threw everything out of whack.

06-30-11, 10:50 PM
lmao wow... i cut my stock exhaust to bolt to my OBX headers. I did it like this:

1. Mounted headers
2. Hooked stock exhaust up to back with rubber clips
3. Jacked exhaust up by each pipe in the back with typical floor jack
4. Eyeballed my cuts, and cut.
5. Wrestled a ton to get the resonator (pretend cats) lined up and fitting into the gap between the headers and stock exhaust. I mean I really had to push/pull/wrestle/mangle to get everything lined up.

Well, I've had issues with the BRAND NEW professionally rebuilt from a shop (1908 dollars after he fixed or replaced all the parts the first douche messed up) occasionally popping out of 1st and 2nd only, and my header rubbing against my steering shaft, so I went under to investigate, and saw that the transmission is at a ridiculous angle, the exhaust tips are pushed out about 1 inch or so out of the back of the car (which I actually ended up liking after I saw it).

I got a prybar, pried the transmission closer to the DS and tightened the crossmember back up, but got nothing. I shit you not, I pried it and a friend jammed a scrap piece of 2x4 into the gap, and the car has never shifted more smoothly, and it doesn't rub up against the steering shaft anymore.

I guess it's time to dismount my exhaust, and have my dad help me do it (30+ year mechanic who left the business, and has 0 interest in working on cars ever again, as I'm sure some of you know enough about)... or am I just being senile about the exhaust having enough pressure to move everything if done improperly?

07-01-11, 08:03 AM
You are saying the exhaust pushed the trans askew? Or. The trans shop guy did?

07-01-11, 08:19 AM
Are the tranny/bell housing bolted down good? Check for gaps.
And check your motor mounts.